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I'm lost at what you can do with Aerodactyl & Vileplume


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There are two pokémon I've been trying to make decks around, the first is B&W Vileplume and the other one's Aerodactyl. So far I haven't had much success with any of them, except for Aerodactyl in an energyless deck with Tyrogue as main attacker. The problem with Aerodactyl is to get it onto your bench. There are two ways of doing it and using the stadium card just doesn't work from my perspective, cause in my eyes Aerodactyl is an agro pokémon but the poison stadium card is just that much better. I'd really like some inputs if someone have had success with any of these cards, right now I'm tinkering of adding them together to combine their abilites that work very well together on paper. I've also been thinking on combining Research Record with Aerodactyl and Ether but I dunno which pokémon would suit in such a deck.


I want to use these cards but right now they're just gathering dust so bring your ideas:D


Thanks in advance

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