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Have all of PS. What Packs


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2 Cobalion EX FA

1 Articuno EX FA

4 Scramble Switch ACE SPEC

1 Dowsing Machine ACE SPEC

11 Hipnotoxic lasers

1 Black Kyurem EX

1 White Kyurem EX

1 Zapdos EX

1 Articuno EX Normal

1 Moltres EX

1 Shiny Charizard

1 Shiny Blastoise

1 Shiny Random Reciever

1 Lugia EX FA

1 Lugia EX Normal

1 Victini EX Normal



1 Shiny Rocky Helmet

1 Shiny Golurk

1 Cresselia EX FA

1 Gold Potion ACE SPEC

1 Landorus EX Normal




DEX Packs

BC Packs

PS Packs

Shiny Terrakion

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