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Ho-oh deck suggestions?


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2-3 Ho-Oh EX

1-2 Terrakion

1-2 Landorus EX

2-3 Mewtwo EX

1-2 Bouffalant

0-1 Sigilyph

0-1 Virizion

0-2 Tornadus EX


And loads of Ultra Ball and Energy Switch. Scramble Switch is also really good. And Switch. Then pack a bunch of fighting, DCE, and other random energy. Ho-Oh is super versatile.

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I run a Ho-Oh deck, and I personally don't see the need for all of the extra EX's listed. I run 4 Bouffalant with abilities, 3 Snorlax, and 2-3 Audino, all Colorless-type tanks. Add in just 1 Ho-oh EX, a Mewtwo EX for backup, and 3 of each energy type, i am left with plenty of space for trainers like Energy Retrieval, Energy Search, Town Map, Aspertia City Gym, Pokeball, and Pokemon Communication. I am not saying my deck is perfect, but I have found that too many EX's in a deck makes it incredibly easy to defeat, because you cannot physically pull enough energies for them all, and Ho-Oh's ability means that you don't need more than one, because as soon as it's knocked out, you can start flipping coins to have it come back to your bench with 3 energies. You cannot possibly run enough energies to do that for 2-3 Ho-Oh's and expect them to last long enough to truly reach their full power.


From my personal experience. I loved building my Ho-Oh EX deck and still love playing with it.

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