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Beginners guide to Pokemon TCG online


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1. Getting Started

Make your way to pokemontcg.com and make an account. After making your avatar, I would highly recommend going through the tutorials first (click on the button that says LEARN). Under this section you will be taught basic, intermediate and advanced skills that will take you through all the rules and what you need to know to be able to succeed in a match. Complete all the tutorials and you will gain an in-game achievement.


2. Play The Trainer Challenge


After learning how to play, try out your newly acquired skills against computerized opponents in the Trainer Challenge. In the Trainer Challenge there are four different leagues to complete. You can choose between three basic decks to battle with. Basic Red (fire), Basic Blue (water), and Basic Green (grass). It doesn't matter which deck you choose as you can change at a later stage if you wish.


You can also challenge yourself by changing the difficulty level in the options. I have been playing on very hard, and it's not nice!


Completing certain criteria on the trainer challenge will also unlock achievements. Winning battles will earn you trainer tokens on your Pokémon.com account which you can exchange for avatar items.


3. Play The Online Multiplayer


So you've defeated all the leagues and are feeling pretty proud of yourself. Now it's time to face real people. Currently as the game is only in Beta, the only options for multiplayer are 'Practice' and 'Ranked'. I've been playing against people in ranked mode and some players have created some really great decks and I've only won once out of about ten games.


Another problem with the game at this stage is that people disconnect from the battle when they are losing. I'm looking forward to playing my friends online when this option goes live.


4. The Real Deal


The new trading card expansion 'Black and White:Plasma Storm' has officially been released. If you purchase the theme decks or the booster packs of this set you will receive a special card with a code on it. This card allows you to unlock the theme deck you own so you can use it online.

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