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5 things that should be in Pokemon X and Y


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5 things that should be in Pokemon X/Y Explore new dual-type combinations

We have enough Ground-Rock and Water-Ice typed Pokemon already. Show us some new Type combinations. We haven’t seen Fire-Water or Rock-Electric or Poison-Dragon typed Pokemon yet. Player character customization

I think this is what everyone has been waiting for. Why should I be stuck playing the game as some kid with a dumb beret? Let me choose my character’***** or shirt or hair style. I want to feel like I’m in the game, and the best way to do that would be to let me make my character look more like me. Have the first Pokemon in your party follow you

I hold Heart Gold and Soul Silver in high regard for two reasons: Nintendo remade my favorite Pokemon games with added content, and they let you have a Pokemon follow you around outside of its Pokeball.You couldn't have a Pokemon follow you around since Pokemon Yellow, and it was perhaps the main reason anyone wanted to buy Yellow in the first place.You need to bring this back. The biggest letdown of Black and White was that you let Pokemon follow us around in Heart Gold/Soul Silver and then you took it away. Allow players to visit an older region

What made Gold/Silver/******* my favorite Pokemon games was the ability to revisit Kanto after beating the Elite 4. You mean I get to go back and fight the Gym Leaders from Red and Blue after I beat the Elite 4, but they have better teams? That blew my mind as a kid. It was like playing Red and Blue with new Pokemon again. I would gladly pay double for X & Y if it has this feature Increase the length of the campaign / Increase the amount of things to do post-Elite 4

Content content content. I want this to be a huge experience for me, and the best way to do so is to have a lot of content that occurs both before and after I beat the Elite 4. There should be a massive plot line that takes me all over this new region, and I want new areas to be open to me once I beat the Elite 4. I shouldn’t be able to see everything X & Y has to offer in a day.

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  1. There is no such thing as too many generic Pokémon, plus there are some good ones such as Staraptor. BTW There aren't that many Water/Ice types.
  2. You'll get used to it, but that would be cool.
  3. I'll admit that that would be cool, but it really depends on what features would replace it, remember, most of the main series Pokémon games have things that are unique to them.
  4. I'll combine this with why there probably won't be a game where one could go to all of the regions with one word: memory. Only so much can be put into the cartridge, so things must be given up for others.
  5. Try completing the Pokédex or play competitively. Personally, while I did like SS, I did prefer White and White 2, because I could prepare a Wi-Fi team almost right away without having to do too much more.

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