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New Player Here - Couple of Questions


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Heya, I've played the BETA when it was just a Browser game, and stopped playing since last year.


I recently went to Toys R' Us and decided to get back into the Pokemon TCG after seeing a deal there, and got a Trainer Box (the Black and White Plasma one) and a Mewtwo Collection. So I thought why not download the newest version of the TCG since it had a bunch of Redeem Packs online thing. So I downloaded the game now I have a few questions:


1) Where do I redeem these codes?

2) When I try to make a Deck, the Pokemon Cards don't appear in the "My Deck" spot. Trainers and such work fine, but not Pokemon- am I doing something wrong?

3) What's the difference between Unlimited and Modified? Is Unlimited where you make a deck for any play, and Modified like, using banned cards?

4) Is there Music in this game? I haven't heard any at all through my play. I hear Sound Effects, but not Music.



I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but thought I'd write those down as my initial curiouses.


Thanks for any help!


EDIT: New question, what happened to my Topic Title?

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1) To redeem codes when you enter the game u click the shopping bag at the top and then when that loads there will be an area that says redeem codes.


2) I am not sure of the answer on that.


3) Unlimited is a format where you can play with cards from the Heart Gold Soul Silver set to the Plasma storm set. Modified is only being able to play with the Black and White set through the Plasma Storm so any except for the HGSS - COL.


4) I don't think there is ever any music while you are playing a game, but if you click Trainer Challenge music will play, but there will be times where the sound could stop.


Also about the title if you put it the word: n o o b it will censor that out.


I hope this helps.

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