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LF Cards for Darkrai Deck look here


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Hi there

As the thread tittle suggests, I am currently looking for missing cards for my Darkrai deck. I will separate by Ex and trainers/supporters:




1 Computer Search

2 Dark Patch

3 Skyla

2 Ultra Ball



What I an offer:

Currently have alot of booster credits I can redeem for the pack of your choice.

I also have about 7 Plasma Storm packs for trade, but would only be willing to trade those For Computer search or Darkrai.


As of now, I am unsure of the values for some of these cards. I will probably wait for a few offers and compare to get fair offers. Any suggestions to pricing in terms of packs for cards is helpful, even if you do not want to offer for the cards, but to get more input on what these cards are really going for at the moment.

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