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The PTCGO Ladder!


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The PTCGO Ladder!

You can still join!


1. Dalek2011 (1-0)

2. Awiendale (0-0)

3. Prophet (1-1)

4. wowowiwo (1-0)

5. sbyoungmoney (0-1)

6. CrazyPenguin321 (0-0)

7. Keden (0-0)

8. DarkXSpirit (0-0)

9. 0PsyQueen96 (0-0)

10. AlexManectric (0-0)


11. 32914 (0-0)

12. DrDarkraiEX (0-1)

13. trader52 (0-0)

14. zab131 (0-0)

15. Dreadvenom69 (0-0)

16. dHEKU (0-0)

17. CuttingEdge007 (0-0)




Welcome to The PTCGO Ladder! Here lists the top players in the game in ranking order. And YOU can play them! All you have to do is challenge them!


Rules: Unlimited Format. Only use 1 deck per challenge. You can change between challenges. Disconnections count as losses. Matches can either be 1 game or best of 3 but must be agreed upon before the first match. Screen shots of everything is strongly suggested, that is, results, and these terms that maybe later put in question.


Joining: Anyone can join at anytime! I will add people as they post to join, even as matches are going after the start date.


Method: The way the ladder works will be like an open tournament. You may only challenge 1 person at a time. You may challenge anyone ONLY 10 spots above your spot. So, the sooner you sign up, the higher you will be ranked automatically. You may do an INFORMAL challenge in game as long as the other person agrees that it is for their spot, otherwise, that person may make a FORMAL challenge in this thread.


Player name (player rank number) challenges Player name (player rank number). Example: Prophet714 (2) challenges Awiendale (1) . (Then you can add whatever comments you want here)


The defender has 3 days to either play A.S.A.P. or respond with 2 proposed playing days and times (within 1 weeks time) that they would be available to play.


Example: Defender. posts: (Challenger), I will be available to play this Thursday between 8:00pm (est/cmt) to Midnight, or Friday between 6:30pm to 10:00pm est.


There must be at least a 1 hour window for the challenger to have a on opportunity. The challenger must play on either of those days or the spot cannot be taken.


If the defender does not propose 2 possible play days, or does not play at all within 3 days, the challenger switches spots on the ladder with the defender. If the defender has posted 2 days and times that they would be available to play and the challenger does play on either of those days, then the spot cannot be taken. After a match is played both players will be on a 24 hour cool down such that no one person can continually challenge without at least having the opportunity to being challenged. People in cool down can still be challenged. They just cannot challenge.


Periodically I will be updating the front page of current rankings, challenges, and records. But it is still YOUR responsibility to sift through the posts to make sure YOU are not being challenged.


Then, it is each persons responsibility to check this forum to defend their rank due to the 3 day window that you have before you could automatically lose your spot to a challenger. Loses this way do not count against your record. Record only counts for games played.


Results: In the same manner you challenged you will submit the result of your match, either the challenger or the defender must post. Screen shots are strongly suggested, matches will not count and the spot will be forfeited if results are in question and not proven. Please say in chat log of the game that the game counts for such spot, or for that it is a ladder match.


Match Results: Player name (player rank number) won againt Player name (player rank number)


As the Challenger: Player Name (player rank number) did not defend his spot in the 3 day window. I, Player Name (player rank number) am now on a 24 hour, unchallengeable, cooldown.


As the defender: Player Name (player rank number) did not show in the 2 days I proposed to defend my spot. I now challenge Player Name (player rank number).


Awards: I will start off by saying that I am not a wealthy person and cannot hand out packs to every winner, nor every person that takes 1st place. Therefore, this list is simply a ranking system and bragging rights. Although, I will give 1 Plasma Pack to the first person that can successfully defend the #1 spot a consecutive 5 times and you will be in the hall of fame that I will list somewhere below the ranking list. Then, I will consider other prizes after.

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hmmm...I thought all the rules and stuff would have explained that this is a ladder tournament soon to begin where players play each other for rankings. You have to want to participate to be included in it. are you interested in joining?

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