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The PTCGO Academy! (Unofficial)


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~The Academy~

Hello everyone, and welcome to the one and only ***** Academy! Here you will gain many friends and battle while you become better. Here you will also talk about trades, and here will also be held tournaments, based on groups which * will discuss about later. *'** had this idea since V1, but * was a new player then. Now when * am a experienced player, * thought *'d just start this up!



~The Groups~


Now, ** * said in this post before, there will be groups. They will not at all be determined by skills, just in case anyone thought that. When you sign up for the academy, you will have to say which group you wish to be in.

Here are the groups:


Charizard Red:



Blastoise Blue:

(No one currently in this group)


Pikachu Yellow:



Venusaur Green:

[(No one currently in this group)




Headmaster: ***************


Moderators: ( ***********)


******: ( No one )

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This is interesting altho I do not need training ( I am not perfect but I am experianced, since I am here from v1) . I think this is awesome for new players :) Hope everything goes well :) If u are searching for mods etc I will be more than glad to help u out

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