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If you have found this little surprise, please do NOT reply to this thread, or let anyone else know. It's a little secret for us :) Just reply to the Trading Card League main thread with the message 'Aha Alex' to prove you found it




Thoughts on upcoming Trading Card League Formats...



The Unlimited Format will no longer exist, due to the over-powered strength of decks such as Celebi Prime/Virizion/Genesect and Sableye/Weavile/Slowking.


I might well introduce a new level, 'Limited', which will have a HP cap...

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Here's my example:


I challenged alexmon666 to a tournament match. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was the first round, so I had my guard up high. Bravely, I added alexmon and asked for a match: the tension was thick, and the pre-match conversation was rich in tactical dialogue, as each of us attempted to throw each other off our games:


Me: Hey, can we play for the Warrior Tournament?


alexmon666: Sure.


That full stop said it all. alexmon was here for war. Total, destructive war. Before any more terrifying punctuation could unsettle me, I hastily sent the challenge for the first battle..


Beartic/Virizion vs Typhlosion/Haxorus


Does every player go through the same torture when choosing their decks? There I was, thinking ‘Crobat, Beartic or Charizard… Oh, but I like Raichu as well.. and then there’s Heatmor..’ Honestly, building lots of decks seems to be more of a curse..


Anyway, I went with my Water/Grass deck – that is Beartic PS/Virizion NV.


After the pre-match battle had heavily gone in alexmon’s favour due to that hard-core grammar, I entered extremely nervously. But alexmon was still turning up the pressure..


alexmon666: gl.


I assumed that meant 'get lost...' I was now scared. To make matters worse, I’d mulliganed.


And then I saw alexmon was running a Fire Deck.


HA! I jumped up and cheered! Beartic couldn’t ever let me down against a silly fire type Typhlosion! (somewhat contradictory to Ice-Type Beartic’s performance in the Main Game, but let’s be honest – even Nintendo know the main RPGs are just advertising and side-stories compared to the Trading Card Game)


Sadly, as is often the case with me, my euphoria was short lived. After we both Mulliganed, I found myself with no energy in my hand. That coupled with losing the coin toss made me suddenly nervous again. There are no second chances in this tournament. Well, ok.. There are no third chances in this tournament, so winning the opening game would be a big advantage.


Manaphy vs Vulpix wasn’t the most ideal start for me.. I knew if Manaphy was KOed from Burn Damage, I wouldn’t get to use its ability, costing me a prize for no reward. alexmon clearly was still fired up, or at least, if he wasn’t, using Cilan to pull 3 fire energies would have done it. After laying down a benched Cyndaquil, he landed a heads on the Singe coinflip with Vulpix leaving my poor Manaphy burnt. A subsequent tails meant I was 20 damage down.


Stuck with a useless hand, I used the very pretty Skyla to get myself an Energy Search, and layed a Cubchoo onto the bench and ended my turn in frustration, partly knowing it could very well be over next turn, but also because I want legs that are as good as Skyla’s. Seriously, that is the dream.


alexmon didn’t relent. Playing Quilava, a second Cyndaquil and a fire energy on Quilava, he was clearly preparing for a quick end.. I knew time was short. Fortunately, before ending his turn, alexmon played N. Manaphy now had 60 damage from the burns and I had to act fast.


And act fast I did, with a revived hand I saw a small opening. I threw away 2 water Energy using Ultra Ball to get Beartic. Having evolved Cubchoo, Manaphy’s Sea Faring came up with 3 heads, letting me pile those discarded energy back onto Beartic. Having seen Beartic in the anime, it probably didn’t say thank you, but I definitely was. I was back in the game.


I couldn’t see alexmon, but let’s assume at this point he was seething. (Your tough punctuation not looking so scary now, eh?) After evolving Quilava into Typhlosion and his other Cyndaquil into Quilava, alexmon ended his turn with Vulpix still active. Fortunately, Manaphy fainted at the end of the turn from Burn damage, and not only did that give alexmon his first prize but it prevented me from using Clear Search.


That annoyed me. To be fair, lots of things annoy me.. Durant, the Promo trading rule, Durant and Durant to name just a few, but at that moment, I was blinded with rage. All alexmon had to do was use Vulpix to KO my Manaphy so I could use its ability, but NO! He had to tank and put energy on Typhlosion. I wasn’t impressed. How dare he tank!?


So I catchered Typhlosion and OHKOed it with Glacier Drop.


Come and get me!


That’s what you get for tanking. Happily Beartic was sharing my rage, and so we took our first prize. Finally realising Fire wasn’t the answer, alexmon began setting up Axew on the bench, and also evolved his other Quilava into Typhlosion. He sent Vulpix back out and burnt me.


Lightning doesn’t strike twice. Thankfully Glaciers tend to drop in the same place.


I catchered alexmon’s other Typhlosion straight away and OHKOed it in mirror fashion with Beartic. At this point, I imagine alexmon was at a loss for words (that or chat had broken). Imagine spending all that time setting up two Stage 2s to have them cut down in one move by Beartic. Ouch.


In what can only be described as a rampage, Beartic then went on to take all 6 prizes single-handedly. Scary Beary.. This is probably why Beartic hasn’t been made into a Teddy Bear. Imagine waking up and seeing its sharp teeth and razor-sharp claws – definitely not baby-friendly material.


Whoah, sidetrack.. Beartic took 6 prizes! YES! Weakness had played a HUGE role in the outcome, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. I'd won!



The post-game conversation took a turn for the ugly.


alexmon: gg.


gg?! What does this even mean? Is it some camouflaged insult? ‘Garbage Game’ or maybe the more intimidating ‘Get Gone!’ And there it was again - that punctuation.. This is just a game people! Let's all be friends?

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Oh also a quick tip from me when it comes to writing match reports: I know it is really time consuming to do but printscreening and saving pictures of the battle log is really really helpful in making a warstory. I do realize it can be impractical since it requires a lot of time and requires the hard drive space, but it makes it SO much easier to write an accurate report. I am not saying you should not take notes when doing this, on the contrary, notes are helpful for expressing your thoughts on what is going on in a battle.


So ya thats my two cents on going about doing a match report. And yes, I will be doing another one sometime this week. :P

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Thanks for the tip MrK!


I've added you in game to deliver your prize - but you may have to come on a bit earlier that normal as I'm on GMT

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Okay I will start :)


So today I played match against Diogo92. My deck was Ray/eels. His probably Mewtwo EX/Reigigas/Reuniclus I simply opened with rayquaza and Tynamo. I run trainers and Juniper at the end of 1st turn. I had some control, because hes Active was Regigias EX and he played single Psychic Energies to him, thats why I decided to spam Call for Family with Emolga. Then in 3rd turn he confused me. Simple cather on my Elekrik and 60 demage from Regigigas.


This is thing you hate most by playing Ray/eels. Anyway, he started feeding Mewtwo EX, so I knew my objectives in this game. I had 1x Tynamo and 1x Elektrik in bench. I did Cilan+Ultraball combo to have 180 demage on his Regigigas EX. Hes new active became Mewtwo.(he had some poks on bench but both of us was ignoring them ^^) Then he catchered on Elektrik again and he did 60dmg from Mewtwo. Now I got nervous. I had only 2x Elek in game, so KO 1 more means my machine is destroyed.


Then, I just drew catcher! It was really lucky for me, I just swaped his Mewtwo into Regigas so I get lot of time to retreat and K.O. his regigas with Rayquaza. After that, he had only to surrender, because next turn his Mewtwo would be KO.


I simply won cause of catchers, and cause of demage controll Rayquaza(always K.O.) so he had no chance to run his Reuniclus + Regigias combo. This match taught me one thing: without Switches you lose. Catcher can give lot of time to your opponent if he get in you high retreat techs.

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Catcher can give lot of time to your opponent if he get in you high retreat techs.


Great Report! It's a shame it ended in a surrender..


Yeah, that's why Catcher has been one of the most popular Items (if not THE most) since it was released..

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Yesterday i was battling my friend here on ptcgo.

He's using Darkrai-terrakion-keldeo deck. Im using Ray-eels as usual.


i came out with hypno laser,virbank,some trainers,and tynamo in my hand. so of course my tynamo is the active pokemon!

and then he put terrakion as the active pokemon!

at first i want to concede the battle,because tynamo vs terrakion! definetely i'll lose!

but later,his first turn,he didnt attached an energy to terrakion. so i think most probably i still got some chances if my supporters came out!

so i attached an energy to tynamo (lightning energy),then i make the terrakion poison & asleep using hypno laser,put my virbank and attack with spark! (with tynamo).


untill his 3-4th turn,he didnt posses any energy in his hand.

lastly his terrakion got knocked out by my tynamo!


i posted this news on ******** & get many likes for it!

''i just **** terrakion with my tynamo''



*of course i won the match by using rayquaza ex/raikou ex.

but who would thought that a tynamo can knocked out terrakion retaliate? HAHA


*the real reason why his terrakion got knocked out by a tynamo is because he got a really bad hand with no supporters,no energy cards ^^


that 'funny' things just made my day :D

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Cuteness Overwhelms your opponent sometimes

t sometimes

It has been 5 turns. I only had a garbodor in play. It was dying with 30/110 hp. I typed many :( :( :( faces in-game chat. It was my opponent turn, he could KO my garbodor and win the game.


Me:"Can you please end your turn without attacking :(''


*My garbodor looks on earnestly* Plays the image of Totoro in the japanese anime



Opponent: " Alright i'll give you one more turn! ''


Me: ''Yay :D"


And i went on to draw a mewtwo EX and killed the game(destroying all his pokemons) despite my poor totoro dying the next turn.


Opponent's last word: "I pushed my luck :( ''

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Opponent's last word: "I pushed my luck :( ''


Haha, that made me laugh! I'd love to hear from your opponent as to how she/he's feeling!

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oh it are matchreports???

oh i never play real, always friend battles, thats more fun :)

i hate it when you play expert and people cant even say "hi, good luck"

only they beat you and say "gg", i hate that

thats why i always play friend battle, mostly with buffalon, she has fun decks (like shedinja)

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Don't have any war stories to tell since I mainly just to play the A.I. But currently my favorite part of TCG online is how its newbie friendly. I really liked how right out of the gate you get a free basic deck plus three more in the trainer challenge. I love it for those who are just trying the game do not have to buy any cards at all and the Trainer Challenge provides them the basic training they need before they challenge other players.


I like the daily reward system especially at the start day one get another deck that adds a total of five theme decks for free to get the player started... I do not see that in Magic the Gathering Online. With the extra five boosters on the third day the player has every thing he/she needs to get started. Sure they really can't play the trading game until they buy actual boosters. But I took it as a measure so the newbie won't get screwed or people that will just make new accounts to exploit the system.


And the last thing I do like about the TCG Online is the booster credit in real life packs, tins, and theme decks. In MTGO you have to buy the cards digitally to play on line. But with Pokemon TCG you get both physical and the digital cards. I don't play Pokemon anymore in person. I can just put my physical cards away so they never get damage by accident during a battle. If one day I happen to need a little extra cash I have a whole box full of nearly mint cards to get me by.


So... yeah that's what I currently like about the game.

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I believe the Forum Bug is now fixed :)


Galbrant, thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your first experiences as a player - and don't forget the Forum is always a great place to accelerate your learning and oppertunities!

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I believe the Forum Bug is now fixed :)


Galbrant, thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your first experiences as a player - and don't forget the Forum is always a great place to accelerate your learning and oppertunities!


You're welcome. I kinda luck out and found a deck list base around Venusaur's ability when I came back. Just need to get at least a couple Mew EX's and I am set for now. I can always get the rest later.


You know I hope their plans for trainer challenge is expand something to like a point and click version of the old gameboy color Pokemon TCG game. You know have different diverse gyms within the game and when you defeat a gym leader you get a booster pack for the first time and just tokens once a day. And the Elite Four has some exclusive promo cards for their first defeats. Something along those lines. And since I am a fan of Magic 2012 Puzzle Scenarios where you have to figure out how to defeat the opponent giving the crisis you're in. I hope they're able to do the same thing here.

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Yeah, we're definitely excited for a re-vamp of the Trainer Challenge! It would be great if we could run custom decks in there though.. I'm fed up of getting beaten by EXs whilst using Basic Green!

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Yeah, we're definitely excited for a re-vamp of the Trainer Challenge! It would be great if we could run custom decks in there though.. I'm fed up of getting beaten by EXs whilst using Basic Green!


I'm all in for customize decks in trainer challenge, all they have to do is give the A.I. vary degrees of difficulty. If you use a theme deck or one of the basic decks then they have decks similar in terms of strength or higher. If you come in with a deck like the Keldeo/Blastoise Deluge deck against the Darkness Gym leader he'll bust out his Darkrai EX theme deck to accommodate the player's strength.

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Well in really new to this so i just want to say someting :)


i havent had many battles but the funniest for me was against CrysJaL ( CrysJaL is u are reading this mmm hi! ) ,i start the battle normally, i have to wait a lot of time because he take so long to choose his first active pokemon... i wait and it was a grimmer( how i hate grimmer) well we start battling and i notice that he has a similar deck than mine we both have psychic decks so we **** each other easily, so i send my espeon to battle he evolved into muk and he **** me so easily :( then i send my gothorita and he also **** her :P i was like :o im gonna lose this but he was a so nice person we were talking all the battle hahaha then i send my keldeo ex i **** his muk and he another one so hekill my keldeo and i lose.. and now we are friends :) funniest battle ever!

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Thanks Alex for inviting me to this thread, just in time, I just had the shortest match ever.

This match is about me and a friend in real life that I have just challenged


As you can see from the image link I have provided, I play a psychic poison deck and Just my luck!

for the first Draw of cards, I had Hypnotoxic Laser, Virbank Stadium and Trubbish in my hand and I was like wow, this could be a 1 turn game but i didnt keep my hopes high as I was expecting him (my opponent, wardkip) to bench a pokemon, well I guess it was his bad hair day, all he have was an active Tynamo (30hp). As I anxiously wait for my turn, with a smile of joy in my Face, I've managed to knock him down in a single turn. It gave me the best bragging rights I could ever had in school.




PS: I'll keep posting here if came across something interesting, but anyway, this is a nice thread you have here alex, thanks again for inviting me.

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Battle report : Wowowiwo's tourney TOP 16 match:


Wowowiwo vs EEJR (hammertime vs Klinklang/Cobalion)



Game 1


I had hammered almost every energy in EEJR's deck and all I needed to do was not lose by decking out.


All looked good for me except that I was facing one big problem : in my last 4 prizes there were 2 Ultra Balls which I needed in order to discard 2 energies from my hand and use super rod to put them back in my deck (In combination with Sableye's Junk Hunt I can have infinite turns without losing )


My deck was getting really thin, I had 6 cards left while EEJR's had around 9. I killed his PS klinklang in order to grab a prize.... I didn’t get ultraball. I was getting worried at this point. On my next turn, without his PS Klinklang, I catchered his NV cobalion and OHKO it with Night Spear + laser. I grabbed another price..... no Ultra ball.


As I had spent all my N (I was only running 2 in my deck) this game was over, I was going to lose by discard no matter what. EEJR actually didn't know this so he actually believed he lost! (he might have thought that I was holding an N in my hand or was going to use super rod!)


When I grabbed my last card I revealed him that I had lost :D


I’m the one to blame as I was careless, I didn’t realize my ultraballs were prized until I was in a critical situation. Since I play Gold Potion I don’t have Computer Search to use it for discarding energies from my hand, there was nothing I could use for Super rod in my discard pile.


Score: 0-1



Game 2

Pretty much the same, but I didn’t get unlucky this time. I hammered almost all the energies in EEJR’s deck again. I had about 9 cards left in my deck by turn 40.


All I did was hammer and use ultra ball + super rod combo to stay for 20 turns with the same 8 cards in my deck. EEJR did all he could, super rod, try to attach.. etc. But it was over. He lost by discard eventually while I kept my same 8 cards in the deck.


Note: this game lasted like 45 minutes and ended by turn count 68. So drawn out long!


Score: 1-1



Game 3


I was having a horrible luck with hammers, I might have landed only 30% of them.


I was slowly decking him out and I had Ultraball + super rod in my hand so I was never going to deck out myself (I was sitting with 5-6 cards in my deck for a lot of turns).

The problem was that I couldn’t hammer his energies as efficiently as the past games because of so many tails with Crushing Hammer.

He had around 4-5-6 energies in play for a so many turns. He actually had 3 energies at least for the most of the match.


Even when I junk hunt for lots of hammers it was not going good for me as he was attacking every turn with his PS klinklang in the active spot.

I was trying to hammer him by protecting my most resilient sableyes so far. I was healing them by junk hunting Gold potion over and over and taking advantage of EEJR’s Pokemon Center Stadium.


He managed to KO 4 sableeyes with Klinklang, but I kept using super rod to place them back in my deck.


Finally with around 5 cards left in his deck (no more super rod or N for him) he got to bring Cobalion EX to the active spot and KO more sableye. I tried to catcher his benched klink in order to buy some time and try to hammer this last 4 energies… then he used rare candy + klinklang for the knock out on my last sableeye.


In total he killed 6 Sableyes for the win.. kicking me out of the tourney.


Final Score: 1 – 2





Final thoughts :D


What I was thinking when I sign up with hammertime deck!!


It’s such a slow deck and games are not even fun anymore! More over with a match against PS Klinklang this games were the longest I’ve ever had.. in total we might have been playing for more than 2 hours (or more) non stop.

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Durant vs Durant (with Lairon) in a battle for redemption.

It was the cold and crisp winter afternoon of February 25, 2013, when I realized that my cool down for the well known Trading Card League had ended, and decided that it was time to redeem myself after I lost a critical battle, when I had the type advantage. I wanted revenge, but unfortunately my conquerer was not online, so I had to choose a different opponent, but which one was I supposed to choose? I had 2 options that would have produced a challenging battle either way. I could have battled 20tornadus03 the Dragon leader, or ImMrFlubaDub the Metal gym leader. I started out leaning toward 20tornadus03, but later decided to face Fluba, a leader who was also looking for some redemption after he has faced a continuous losing streak, a streak he was determined to break. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I was afraid, though, of what the battle entailed since I was facing a Durant deck with my own Durant deck, and that is never an easy match up.

We entered into battle and we chose a play mat that was so familiar to me, it was as if I had played on it hundreds of times. We both drew our hands. In mine laid a well known Durant, a few energies, and a revive, along with 2 Arons and a Lairon. I knew my best option was to start with my Durant, it being the centerpiece of my deck, but I also decided to put one of my Arons on my bench and I left the other in my hand, while my opponent secretly put down his active Pokemon, as if I didn’t already know what he would play.

The battle then begun. I had attached one of my energies to my Durant and attacked with Devour, discarding a revive. Now it was his turn, he drew up my Aron with his Gold Catcher, and then proceeded to use his HypnoToxic Laser to try to harm my Aron, and harm it he did. He both poisoned it and put it to sleep. Luckily for me, though, I had a “game changer” in my hand that would help me. He then used Hugh and was able to draw a Durant, but alas for him as he had no energy in his hand.

Turn 2

I started out my turn by flipping my coin in order to attempt to wake my Aron up. As the coin flipped through the air I knew that the outcome of the coin had no meaning at all, because I held in my hand a Lairon that could be used to heal any of the status issues that my Aron was suffering from. So I quickly used my Lairon, after I drew a pokemon communication. I used the communication to grab a second Durant and also to see if I happened to have all of the rest of my Durants in my deck. As I scrolled down I was worried about one of them being prized. I went passed all my cards slowly and then came to the end of my deck. I had seen 2 of my Durants but not a 3rd. Any hope of a victory for me had been taken away from me, to never return. Just then, however, I notice that I had not scrolled down all the way. I slowly scroll down to find one card left in my deck and, YES!...my last Durant, and along with it, rejuvenated hope.

I grabbed the Durant and was ready for a fight, but my Lairon was still my active Pokemon and I needed 2 more energies to retreat it. It was then Fluba’s turn. He started out using N in order to decrease the cards left in my deck. He then used another Gold Catcher to bring up my Durant with no energies attached to it and then used devour discarding a Juniper and a rescue scarf.

Turn 3

I started out grabbing N. I attached an energy to my active Durant and used my N to try to decrease Fluba’s card count like he did with mine, but when I used it I realized I had put back into my deck a Pokeball which I could of used to grab a third Durant. I felt so stupid, but then my luck turned around.

When I drew my hand, I was able to grab two Pokeballs and also a switch. I felt a lot better, but I still had little confidence in my coin’s ability to flip 2 heads in a row, but I had to try.

I used my first one and-what do you know-it was a Heads!!! I felt good again, but could it produce a heads a second time? I use my second one and I got...


Yes! I thought to myself, Now I have all of my Durants in play and I can still win this! I then used Devour and discarded a Pokedex, a N, and two Skylas. I just kept getting more and more confident.

He started his turn off with using a Virbank City Gym. I wondered why would he need that; that is when I remembered him using a HypnoToxic Laser earlier and I was sure he had another, and boy was I right. After he had used a Level ball to grab his third Durant and after he used another Gold Catcher to pull up my Lairon, he used HypnoToxic Laser with the same results as before. He both poisoned it and put it to sleep, but I knew that it, again, didn’t matter. I held in my hand a second “game changer”, but this time it was switch.

Turn 4

I started out again flipping a coin in vain for no matter the result of it i could heal my Lairon. I drew a card it being plus power, and then immediately used my switch to bring back my Lairon and bring up my Durant. I also used a potion to heal some of the effects the poison had on my Lairon. I then attached an energy to one of my benched Durants. I then used Devour and I looked to see what i had discarded, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had devour a Durant, and I felt extremely confident that no matter what I was going to win.

Then came the card that is more dreaded by Durant Deck users more than probably any other card even more than Mewtwo...Super Rod. He used it to bring back his Durant along with two others cards. He then used another Gold Catcher to again pull up my Lairon. At this point I didn’t know what to do, my confidence was fading more and more with each passing turn and there was no way I could retreat Lairon because it only had one energy attached to it and needed three. So from there I told myself that it was too late to go back to the devour tactic, so I decided that for the remainder of the match i would attack with Lairon. Was that though, the right move to make?

Turn 5 and 6

These turns were BORING. I mean seriously, I was the same thing over and over again. I attacked one of his Durants and then he used switch, I attacked other Durant which he then retreated, all the while he was using Devour and I kept on getting not very good pulls.

Turn 7

Now was the time I finally got a third energy the one I was waiting for. I attached it to Lairon and so I had three energies one Lairon, but I stuck with my plan to keep on attacking with Lairon. I used Wreak Havoc to do 60 damage to his Durant that had all it HP and i hoped to at least discard one card, but nope it wouldn’t do it for me. He then again used a Super Rod to make sure he wouldn’t deck out. He then used devour and discarded a few energies.

Turn 8

I started out my turn by drawing a Cheren, the one card in my deck that must never be used in a Durant v Durant battle. So I ignored it and attacked knocking out his first of many Durants. I then drew a prize card it being...Cheren. Why couldn’t have been a useful card? I thought to myself.

Anyway, it was Fluba’s turn and he used devour with one of his 2 injured Durants. I felt that all I needed to do was knock them out within the next two turns and the victory would be mine. Unfortunately for me though it wasn’t gonna be that easy.

Turn 9

I quickly took my turn to try to end what I had started. I again used Wreak havoc to knock out his second Durant and was able this time to discard a couple of cards. He had one Durant left, but the game wasn’t over yet.

My opponent’s next move was quite the odd one in my opinion. He used N when I had 4 prize cards left and him all 6, and when I had 8 cards in my hand while with him 4, and then it hit me. He used N to try to get a better hand, and from the looks of it his had wasn’t a bad one.

He had pulled a Durant and an Eviolite which he attached to his new Durant. He then retreated his weak Durant and brought up his other one he then used Devour, discarding a catcher and a plus power. Luckily for me though I had pulled another plus power so I was still in good shape.

Turn 10

I used the plus power I just pulled and attacked with Wreak Havoc again, doing 50 damage. I felt good about where I was at because I could knock out both his Durants in the next few turns, but I was wrong yet again. He proceeded to use a revive bringing back one of his Durants, so I knew it was gonna be a close one. He attacked and then ended his turn.

Turn 11

I started my turn pulling...another Cheren......WHY?! Why couldn’t have been a useful card? UGH!! Oh well. I said to myself I can still win this. I then proceeded to knock out his Durant that was protected by eviolite, discarded a couple more cards, and drew my third prize card it being a catcher. I felt more and more confident once again, but I knew I couldn’t stall, and I was right about that.

I looked at my now tiny deck to see...I only have 7 cards left!! I was in a panic, I had a feeling of despair thinking that I again came so close to victory, but that yet again I failed to achieve it. However, I knew that it was no time to give up, but to kick it into high gear. I watched him as he used devour, leaving me with 5 cards left! I nervously drew my card knowing I had 4 left and began my next turn.

Turn 12

I knew the only way i could make it out victorious I needed to take out his durants ASAP. So I used my catcher to bring up his weaker Durant, and knocked it out. I drew my 4th prize card and prepared for the games end. He proceeded to use Crushing Hammer, but that matter very little as I had three energies in my hand. He then attacked and ended his turn.

Turn 13

I drew my card leaving me to only 2 cards left. I knew I needed to hurry, but there was no way I could take out his Durant in one turn so I attacked and hope for the best, but it appeared the best was not going to come. I proceeded to watch him do something that hit me where it hurt.

He had drawn a Skyla. NOOOOO!!!! That’s it, I have lost! He is going to grab a revive, bring back a Durant, and beat me! I thought to myself. I then tried to cool down a bit and get ready to accept my defeat, but I looked and nothing was happening. I was wondering what he was doing. That is when I saw him grab.... A BICYCLE CARD? I was stunned and confused for a split second and then I realized that the best did happen. He had run out of revives and couldn’t do anything. SUCCESS!!!!

Though with this success I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad about him coming so close and yet so far since I have had then same result many times. He used devour for the last time and I got ready for victory.

Turn 14: The Final Turn

I attacked his Durant and knocked it out winning the game.

Game stats:

ImMrFlubaDub: Left with no Pokemon, while mere seconds away from reaching redemption.

Aloeb: Left with 0 cards, one prize card, and renewed hope that soon I can beat the trading card league. The only question left is: When?

This battle was one of ups and downs and there was no clear cut winner until the final turn. It was truly a great battle. I have redeemed myself for now and hopefully for a while.

Thanks for the game Fluba. Can’t wait until our next.

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