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Salutations fellow PTCGO members its me Matthew here with the proper re-launch of the PokeDeck Corner. I have been preoccupied as of late with tournaments and have been unable to continue to promote the re-launch enough for it to be worth continuing with the older thread.


As such I have created this new Home Page for the PokeDeck Corner thread. For those who were not online for the original V1 of the PokeDeck Corner, this thread was a centre of discussion for Pokemon TCG from discussing the latest Pokemon news to receiving lots of deck-list advice.


Whether a new member to the Pokemon communities or a World Championship winner, the PokeDeck Corner is open members of PTCGO with a wide range of topic discussion and help and advice available. Of course no thread will work without extra input so I urge all to input here.


I will post articles and news information from time to time, but this is also an excellent place for people to bring in their own points of discussion for all aspects of the real life and online game too. All input that we receive will be much appreciated and welcomed.


Last but not least I would like to state that this is just the start of an exciting future for this thread. I would like to remind people of our sister threads the PokeDeck Championship Season and the PokeDeck Trade Corner thread too. So come on down, sign up and become part of the fun.


This is the number one place to be for discussion of the real life game. And for information, tips and advice on getting involved in the real life game for the newer people. And for the more experienced in depth discussion of rogue and meta decks in the BLW-Onwards format.



Has the introduction been tempting enough to consider becoming a member of the PokeDeck Corner? Well the sign up instructions are simple. Just post on the thread "I would like to become a member" or something similar. And the name will be added to list, read the rules and stick to them, and that is all I ask of our members.


Those who I feel have contributed a lot to this thread and other PokeDeck threads over time will be upgraded to Super Mod level, this doesn't mean spamming however. This just means contributing and discussing over a long period of time. I will not ever be taking requests to be upgraded to Super Mod level however though.




Super Mods:



Basculin_Mod : Matthew69

Queen_Mod : AlexManetric





1. Matthew69

2. CPenguin123

3. AlexManetric

4. Dalek2011




1. Be polite- We have no-tolerance on rudeness or offensive language towards others.

2. Don't Spam- Please edit previous posts no more than two posts in a row is accepted.

3. Super Mods rulings [in particular mine] are final, there is no arguing back allowed.

4. Have Fun- :D


Sister Threads:

1. The PokeDeck Corner Championship Season.

2. The PokeDeck Corner Trade Centre.

3. Match Reports

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The Meta-Game with Matthew:

Hello PTCGO its me Matthew here with the first mini article I have made for the new PokeDeck Corner Home Page thread. The Meta-game with Matthew articles will all be able the top tier decks of the current meta-game in real life, and tend to include tournament information and results as well as deck-lists.

In most areas of the world there are no tournaments on at the moment until the start of States or Regionals in a couple of weeks time. Over here however until this weekend there have been a number of Pokemon Cities tournaments in the United Kingdom. As such we have a decent knowledge of the meta-game.


From the two tournaments I attended in the Senior division I gathered the following results for our age division:


1st Place- Me [Matthew] with Darkrai EX-Hydreigon-Techs

2nd Place- Cobalion NVI-Klinklang PLS-Techs

3rd Place- Darkrai EX-Virbank-Techs

4th Places- Darkrai EX-Hydreigon-Techs



1st Place Me [Matthew] - Keldeo EX-Blastoise-Techs

2nd Place- Keldeo EX-Blastoise-Techs

3rd Place- Keldeo EX-Blastoise-Techs

4th Place- Darkrai EX-Hydreigon-Techs

As we can see there is a decent amount of variation in the decks that people are running, and their success. I expect as American results come through for their States we will have an even better idea but from what I can see the best decks will be Blastoise-Keldeo EX variations at the moment.


And that will be followed by Darkrai EX-Virbank, Cobalion EX-Klinklang, Darkrai EX-Hydreigon and Big Basics decks too I expect. This shows that the same decks that were decent last set will still be decent now and there will not be a lot of new decks other than the Cobalion EX-Klinklang deck.


Of course I still expect to see a number of anti-meta decks pop up such as Garbodor DRX variations, as almost all of the most powerful decks that I expect to have a competitive impact other than Big Basics are all reliant on important Abilities, so I believe Garbodor DRX decks are a decent deck choice.


The meta-game in Masters seems to be quite similar from what I have seen, although I do not have exact results their meta-game seems a little more diverse with some rogue decks experiencing some success. I believe that both Raticate BCR and Lugia EX decks managed to achieve a Top 4 place so far.


at this time I think it might be too near to the release of the new Plasma Strom sets to give a completely accurate tier list, at the moment I am expecting the developing new meta-game to look something like this list below:



Tier 1:

Blastoise-Keldeo EX

Darkrai EX-Virbank


Tier 1.5:

Cobalion EX-Klinklang

Darkrai EX-Big Basics

Darkrai EX-Hydreigon

Landorus EX-Mewtwo EX


Tier 2:

Garbodor DRX-Landorus EX

EtherDex Variations

Speed Darkrai EX

Rogue Variations


Thanks for reading this weeks short "The Meta-Game with Matthew" article and remained tuned for next weeks article on Blastoise-Keldeo EX, the deck I expect to be the new BDIF once more with deck-lists,card discussion and more.


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"i would like to become a member"



Thanks I have added u to the list! I imagined this thread would take a little while to get off the ground but I am sure it will be back in full swing in a little while.

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The Meta-Game with Matthew


Hello PTCGO its me Matthew here with the next mini article I have made for the new PokeDeck Corner Home Page thread. The Meta-game with Matthew articles will all be about the top tier decks of the current meta-game in real life, and tend to include tournament information and results as well as deck-lists.


In this article as promised in the original article I will be discussing a deck which I am certain from testing and tournament results will be a comfortable Tier 1 deck, and one which a number of people believe might even emerge to be a potential BDIF. So I have developed a base list for the deck's best variation I believe.


4 Squirtle BCR

3 Blastoise BCR

3 Keldeo EX BCR

2 Black Kyurem EX PLS

S-S-T: 32

4 Professor Juniper

3 N

3 Skyla

2 Colress

4 Energy Retrieval

4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Rare Candies

4 Ultra Ball

1 Super Rod

2 Tropical Beach

1 Scramble Switch




10 Water

2 Prism

2 Lightning

Free Space: 2

This is an almost exact list to the one I built for the last Cities Championship that I attended and ended up winning. Although this isn't a base list per-se for all Blastoise BCR variations. it is a base list for most consistent Blastoise BCR variations running Black Kyurem EX which I believe is the best variation for the current meta-game.


Black Kyurem EX's Black Ballista attack provides something crucial for this deck, a card that can knock-out an opponent's Pokemon in one hit [200 damage knocks out all Pokemon in the game at the moment] without being a simple revenge knock-out for an opponents Mewtwo EX.


Now Mewtwo EX needs a huge total of eight Energies to knock out a Black Kyurem EX, which is near impossible to pull out in the space of one turn, and knocking one out in return with another of our attackers would give us control of the game even if the opponent was able to miraculously set up such a huge attacker in that time.


Keldeo EX is still important to the deck however for a number of reasons. First of all with Darkrai EX-Virbank PLS deck expected to be one of the other most powerful decks Rush in will often become almost as crucial an Ability as Blastoise's one. Its also crucial as it would be near on impossible to attack with Black Ballista every turn due to the discard.


As for the two spaces I left unfilled I would recommend putting in a counter to Klinklang PLS decks for at least the first few weeks of States [or Regionals in the United Kingdom] because without a counter attacker such as Victini NVI [the one I chose] or Moltres NXD it can be a horrible match-up if the opponent sets up.


And for the last place in the deck there is a choice between a healing trainer such as Max Potion [the one I chose] or a Tool Scrapper if Garbodor DRX variations might be popular at tournaments. If running this deck online I would recommend replacing the two Tropical Beach with two Max Potion, and the final free place with a Tool Scrapper.


Ok thanks for reading this weeks article of The Meta-game with Matthew and remain tuned for next weeks article on the other big deck which a large number of people expect to be another Tier 1 powerhouse Darkrai EX-Virbank PLS.

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Seems quite detailed AND exclusive :D :P



You missed the over 10,000 word article I wrote for the release of Boundaries Crossed :D.

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Japanese Corner: News Flash:


Exciting news people. The scans for the new set in Asia [bL9 Megalo Cannon] is now available. The new set features exciting new EX's such as Genesect and his ACE SPEC's as well as Virizion EX, Jirachi EX,Dialga EX, Palkia EX as well as the new Kyurem EX that is available in the Japanese Theme Decks. I welcome all to discuss their reactions and opinions on the release of the new cards and how it might alter the meta-game of the future [if unable to view the scans on another website I can post them here if people would like to see them].



Matthew out.


The Meta-Game with Matthew: Update

This weeks edition of The Meta-Game with Matthew will be put over to next week where I will be discussing the Darkrai EX-Virbank PLS deck. This is due to the fact that I am attending a UK BLW-PLS Regional Championships this weekend in the UK so I wish to write up an article on that which I will post here this weekend. I will also be reviewing the current state of the meta-game now that I have processed all the results from Week 1 of States in America and Regionals over here. So remain tuned for this weekends exciting article.


Matthew out.

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Virizion EX, Genesect EX and possibly my favourite card from the set - Cradilly have made me so happy as Grass Gym Leader :')


The ability of the 'Basic' Fossil pokemon MIGHT make them easier to play.. but I still have some doubts about how easily it really will be :S

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@ The Genesect EX- Virizion EX debate:


I do have to agree here that after not having a decent attacking Grass Pokemon for such a long time these two are brilliant additions to the game. Neither of them are so powerful that the pair could be defined as 'broken' but the two seem to work together quite well with Virizion EX acting as a fast attacker and providing some consistent acceleration for Genesect EX to use its ACE SPEC's attack.


Virizion EX's Ability is also brilliant and will I expect to become an important staple in all decks that are running Grass or Prism Energies as it prevents Special Conditions on all Pokemon with Grass Energies attached, and also removes all those pre-exisiting on Pokemon before it is benched down. This will see the removal from the meta-game for cards such as Amoonguss and Articuno EX.


As neither of those cards are that popular now, as Special Condition decks have fallen a lot in popularity after the rotation of Vileplume UD perhaps Virizion EX's main use is to provide a counter to Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym combinations. Decks that abuse that such as Darkrai-Lasers, Big Basics-Lasers and soon to be Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX have dominated the meta for such a long time, but this might now see the decline of them.


As both the attackers in this combination of Virizion EX and Genesect EX are Grass Pokemon would could also see a rapid decline in the other top meta-game deck Blastoise-Keldeo EX as Genesect EX knocks all of those Pokemon out in one hit. While this deck might not be broken in itself and has weaknesses that might hold it back from beoming an overall BDIF I am certain it will provide a huge shake up to the meta-game and lead to an interesting future.



The Scans:




Virizion-EX - Grass - HP170


Basic Pokemon

Ability: Spring Breeze


Pokemon with [G] Energy attached to them cannot be affected by Special Conditions. (Remove all

Special Conditions from your Pokemon with [G] Energy attached to them.)


[G][C] Emerald Slash: 50 damage. You can attach 2 [G] Energy from your deck to one of your Benched Pokemon. If you do, shuffle your deck afterwards.


When Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.


Weakness: Fire (x2)


Resistance: Water (-20)


Retreat: 1




Genesect-EX - Grass - HP170


Basic Pokemon (Team Plasma)


Ability: Red Signal

When you attach a Plasma Energy to this Pokemon from your hand, you may switch your opponent’s Active Pokemon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokemon.


[G][G][C] Megalo-Cannon: 100 damage. Does 20 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance when damaging the Bench.)


When Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.


Weakness: Fire (x2)


Resistance: none


Retreat: 1

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due to the blocking of Special Conditions on Pokemon with Grass Energies attached.


Bye bye to the following: Amoongus, Articuno, Accelgor, Ninetales (BIG issue for fire types up till now because of HTL) and HTL itself - and that's before I've even given it some thought..


It's interesting how much emphasis there is on Tools in this new set.. Running 3/4 Tool Scrapper could become common. That new Sigi looks just as scary as the Anti-EX one used to be when it first came out!

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The ability of the 'Basic' Fossil pokemon MIGHT make them easier to play.. but I still have some doubts about how easily it really will be :S


Yeah... I'm thinking you're better off playing your deck with a bunch of Twist Mountains over this.


Haveta say that the card that was most interesting, aside from the obvious Genesect/Virizion, is the Haxorus with the Master BIow on Plasma pokemons. Huge counter to the Plasma Storm cards.

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@ The Haxorus MGC debate:

I have been thinking about the new Haxorus MGC card quite a lot. While the 2nd attack on it is excellent, as for one Metal and one Fighting it can OHKO all Plasma Pokemon which I expect to still be a huge part of the meta-game with Pokemon such as Lugia EX, Thundurus EX, Deoxys EX, Genesect EX all still around the Top Tiers. The attack is however useless versus all other decks which will still no doubt be a large area of the meta-game and that concerns me a lot.


The 1st attack would be a decent attack versus non-Plasma based decks if there was a decent form of Metal attachment acceleration that was consistent. There is however nothing of the sort, so the attack will end up doing little damage, and it will become a Stage 2 attacker that needs streaming and cannot do much damage to non-Plasma Pokemon in such a fast paced format. With this in mind I started to consider this as more of a teched counter line.


The problem is teching a Stage 2 line into a deck often makes decks far less consistent than before, and also takes the place of crucial cards that could be even more of a help such as Tool Scrappers which Alex mentioned earlier due to the release of Pokemon such as Sigilyph MGC and a plethora of new Tool cards in this set combined with the ones from the prior set. Also Plasma decks could just knock-out the Basic before it evolves, which is made easier with Genesect EX's Ability Red Signal.


Perhaps the most useful place for this interesting, but limited Pokemon card would be in combination with a card that Alex mentioned earlier and I expect to go on to discuss further and that card is Cradily MGC. Its first attack allows it to search for a Stage 2 Pokemon and put it onto the bench for each Grass attachment on it. Enabling various Stage 2 techs to be brought out onto the bench without the need for Basics, a Haxorus tech to counter Plasma decks could be a viable move there.


However as I too will mention later Cradily a Stage 1 Fossil Pokemon has its problems, not least mentioning its quite low HP and 2 Retreat Cost combined with the sometimes difficult Fossil mechanic [which has been improved quite a bit however as I will mention in the Fossil mechanic debate] I have to agree that Haxorus MGC is indeed an interesting Pokemon but I am not convinced it will end up finding a large place in the current meta-game.


The Scans:


Haxorus - Dragon - HP140

Stage 2 - Evolves from Fraxure[M]


Dragon Axe: 40x damage. This attack does 40 damage times the number of [M] Energy attached to this Pokemon.


[F][M] Master : If the Defending Pokemon is a Team Plasma Pokemon, it is Knocked Out.Weakness: Dragon (x2)


Resistance: none


Retreat: 2


@ The Fossil Debate:

With the new Fossil Pokemon making up a huge part of the new set there is no doubt that I and others will have been considering whether the Fossil mechanic will make a competitive impact on the game. There seem to be three new Fossil Stage 1 Pokemon in this set Cadily, Carracosta and Archeops which will all gain a boost from the Abilities of their Basic Fossil Pokemon.


For those who have not seen the scans all three new Basic Fossil Pokemon which are Lileep, Tirtouga and Archen share an Ability called Call of the Ancient which allows them to be placed on the bottom of the deck of they are in the Discard Pile. This of course helps the Fossil search engine a lot as it makes it certain that each Pokemon's fossil will search for them.


These new Abilities might make a combination between the new Fossil Basics and their Fossil Item cards better than using Twist Mountain though because Twist Mountain needs a Coin Flip to work and can be used just once per turn. As such it is infact less consistent than the Item search, and also will be harder to keep on the field during Stadium wars.


Now that Stadiums are better and more common there will be Stadium wars and those decks which have a serious reliance on Stadiums will I estimate be forced to run maximum copies of it, meaning that the Twist Mountains would take up the same amount of room than using the Fossil items, as such I believe that the Item search method is the best for now.

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Hello PTCGO its me Matthew here with the next mini article I have made for the new PokeDeck Corner Home Page thread. The Meta-game with Matthew articles will all be about the top tier decks of the current meta-game in real life, and tend to include tournament information and results as well as deck-lists.


In this article I will be discussing the current meta-game with results from the first week of SPT's in America and Regionals in the United Kingdom. And also discussing which decks I expect to continue to make an impact throughout the remaining couple of weeks.


First of all I would like to share the results that I collected from the London Regionals I attended in the Senior Division. As Regionals is much larger than normal tournaments such as Battle Roads and Cities Championships I will give the data for the Top 8 rather than just the Top 4.


1st Place- Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX

2nd Place-Darkrai EX-Lasers

3rd Place-Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX

4th Place-Darkrai EX-Lasers

5th Place-Me-Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX

6th Place-Darkrai EX-Lasers

7th Place-Darkrai EX-Lasers

8th Place-Darkrai EX-Mewtwo EX-Bouffalant DRX


Within the tournament I ended up finishing in a decent 5th Place with the deck-list I gave out last time for the Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX deck. I received one loss to the person who ended up finishing second overall and won Swiss going X-0 running Darkrai EX-Lasers due to an appalling start despite him having 0 Basics in multiple hands.


In the hand I had I started lone Squirtle BCR and was forced to use Professor Juniper a few turns later to avoid being knocked out, I discard all three Blastoise BCR, another two Professor Juniper, my Scramble Switch ACE SPEC as well as some other useful cards.


By the time I had managed to grab my Super Rod and start setting up my Black Kyurem EX and Blastoise BCR the opponent had already managed to set up two Darkrai EX's and was able to take all the knock-outs he needed to win the game without me being able to even return a knock-out.


I managed too get three wins overall though versus Blastoise-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX, Darkrai EX-Mewtwo EX-Bouffalant DRX and Eeletrik NVI-Ray EX. However due to being paired down in the last round I had terrible Resistance and ended up finishing 5th despite coming joint second and missing cut which was a little disappointing.


In terms of what I saw at the tournament it was just as I expected with the two dominating decks being Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX and Darkrai EX-Lasers. With a few other decks such as Eelektrik NVI-Ray EX making a small appearance.


Despite these results in the United Kingdom however, over in the United States in their SPT's we saw quite a different set of results. Although overall we saw most people running Blastoise BCR-Keldeo EX-Black Kyurem EX and Darkai EX-Lasers. We also saw a larger proportion of other decks such as Big Basics and Garbodor DRX making an impact.


On the first week we saw Garbodor DRX taking the most wins with four Master Division State Championship wins on the first week alone. With both Darkrai EX and Blastoise BCR based decks so reliant on Abilities as well as other Tier two decks such as Klinklang PLS and Eelektrik NVI we saw Garbodor DRX dominate.


Decks had neglected to run multiple Tool Scrapper to counter Garbodor DRX, due to most people being fearful of Klinklang PLS, and this led to a number of people being able to take advantage. The main Garbodor DRX variant that saw use was the Garbodor DRX-Landorus EX-Mewtwo EX deck often with other attackers such as Terrakion NVI-Bouffalant DRX-Tornadus EX as well as Hypnotoxic Lasers to add extra damage and take advantage of Ability lock.


With Abilities such as Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak and Keldeo EX's Rush In being locked by Garbodor DRX the decks often would have Pokemon stuck in the active position due to their lack of Switching trainer cards. This made Hypnotoxic Lasers and Pokemon Catcher all the more powerful in the Garbodor DRX decks that won States two weekends ago.


Of course with people now fearful and expectant of Garbodor DRX I am sure we will not see the deck continue to thrive within the next few weeks with people now choosing to run multiple Tool Scrappers in order to counter the deck. I also expect to see a deck that also did quite well improve too as the weeks go on and that deck is Big Basics.


Big Basics also achieved a number of wins in the first two weeks as well as the joint most Top 4's from the data I have collected so far. The deck runs a similar attacking line-up to that of Garbodor DRX, except it has more room for maxing out of useful Trainers and more room for other Pokemon in place of the Garbodor DRX and Tool cards.


This of course means it has an advantageous match-up versus Garbodor DRX decks as well as a large other part of the meta-game, and due to its quick and efficient speed with attackers such as Landorus EX and Tornadus EX it has no bad match-ups either apart from perhaps the Blastoise BCR-Black Kyurem EX-Keldeo EX deck, which is still winnable.


Due to it being a fast and consistent deck with great match-ups versus a large proportion of the meta-game and no auto-losses I can see this being a viable Tier 1 deck for the remaining weeks of SPT's and Regionals, and the one deck that I think I underestimated a little bit when writing up the article on the current Pokemon tiers.


Thanks a lot for reading this weeks third edition of The Meta-Game with Matthew on the PokeDeck Corner Home Page and remain tuned for next weeks article where I will be discussing as promised the ever popular Darkrai EX-Lasers deck as promised before, providing a deck-list and in-depth card by card explanation of the decks content.

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Hello PTCGO its me Matthew here with the next mini article I have made for the new PokeDeck Corner Home Page thread. The Meta-game with Matthew articles will all be about the top tier decks of the current meta-game in real life, and tend to include tournament information and results as well as deck-lists.


In this article I am going to be discussing as promised a little while back the deck which was a clear tier 1 contender through-out SPT's and Regionals. And that deck is of course Darkrai EX-Lasers. So here below is the deck-list I have been testing out for a while.



3 Darkrai EX

3 Sableye DEX

1 Keldeo EX

1 Mewtwo EX

Trainers: 41

4 Professor Juniper

3 N

3 Skyla

2 Bianca

4 Dark Patch

4 Energy Switch

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Ultra Ball

3 Dark Claw

3 Virbank City Gym

1 Computer Search

Energies: 11

11 Dark

Free Space: 2


For those who haven't heard of the deck, although I imagine most of us have, the deck revolves around attacking with Darkrai EX's night spear with Energy Switch and Dark Patch manipulation in order to set it up in the first couple of turns and get the first attack off. Combined with Sableye DEX for item re-use this becomes a powerful combination.


Unlike the older Darkrai EX variations however, the new combination of Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym enable the deck to hit what we would call a 'magic' number. For example combining those two cards with Dark Claw will knock-out a Blastoise BCR or Hydreigon DRX in one attack doing 140 damage which is crucial in beating those decks.


As well as potential extra bonuses such as the 25 % chance of the opponents active Pokemon remaining asleep into their turn and extra poison damage between each turn if the opponent is unable to switch out the active Pokemon makes the combination even more powerful than normal, in particular in a deck with Sableye DEX to re-use Items if needed.


The 'magic' numbers for Darkrai EX's Night Spear get even better though, the 30 damage that the attack does to a benched Pokemon sets up a one hit knock-out on a Pokemon such as Keldeo EX and Mewtwo EX with the three card combination which Supporter cards such as Skyla and the Ace Spec card Computer Search can help search out for when required.


This has no doubt given Darkrai EX based decks a huge boost and has made this variation of Darkrai EX by far the most popular and most successful of them all in the three weeks of SPT's and Regionals so far, and will no doubt continue into the future. The deck has no bad match-ups at all, although Big-Basics and Garbodor can sometimes be a little problematic.


As for the best cards to fill up the two tech spaces there are a number of different options to test out, and a lot depends on local meta-game too. If Garbodor DRX variations are big then opting for a Tool Scrapper tech might be the best option and perhaps a Random Receiver for re-use with Sableye DEX. Other options include healing trainers such as Max Potion or disruption trainers such as Crushing Hammers.


I opted for 1 Max Potion to provide healing to weakened Darkrai EX's and create Dark Patch fodder, and 1 Random Receiver for added consistency and its excellent combination with Sableye DEX ensuring that you can draw a Supporter every single turn when it is required. There are plenty of other options though as mentioned above so test it out yourselves.


Thanks for reading this weeks The Meta-Game with Matthew article and remain tuned for the next huge article in a couple of weeks time which will be a big review of the Pokemon first of all and then the Trainers from the new set, sign up, and join the discussion.

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Hello PTCGO its Matthew here with a new article on the exciting new meta-game that will be created with the introduction of the latest Plasma Pokemon set. The previous set brought with it the introduction of the interesting new Plasma mechanic, however despite the initial love for the cards Plasma based decks never made as much impact that was expected of them.


Seeing as the set isn't out right now and people might not have seen or have much of an idea about the new cards right now, I felt that this might be a helpful little article on the Pokemon in the new set that I found interesting, to help get those creative juices flowing, and that big brain of yours ticking over. Enjoy!


The new set brings lots of powerful new EX Pokemon and other cards that will no doubt make the Plasma decks more powerful than ever before, and perhaps even form the basis of a new BDIF deck if the Japanese results are to be taken word for word. Within this article I will review the new set in brief and also give out a couple of decks that I have been testing.


I won't be explaining the deck-lists in detail as I am sure there will be a plethora of other articles on top Pokemon websites on the popular decks such as Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX-Kyurem PLF and I see no reason at all to steal their thunder [if you pardon the pun].


Of course this has to all be taken with a little pinch of salt because I haven't done extensive testing with all of the Pokemon in this set as it is still quite new, so all of the ratings I give are opinionated rather than factual so feel free to disagree with me.






With a useless evolution and terrible attack combined with HP as low as 30 this card could be interpreted to be one of the worst in the set. There are a wide number of cards that will be able to knock it out on the first turn including that of Thundurus EX from the new set which makes it one of the easiest cards to donk in the game.


You don't want to ever place this card in the active position though, its Ability Sap Sipper enables the card to be put back into the hand whenever it is in the discard pile. Ever wanted free Computer Search or Ultra Ball fodder without losing precious resources? For those who do there's no other card quite like this one.


The other use that people have been talking about is combining it with Weavile PLF from the set, which is a combination I will discuss in further detail later on and also drop a quick list for. Although I am not completely sold on the deck itself, Exeggcute PLF does help the deck giving it added consistency in attacking.


Competitive Impact Verdict: 5


I think this was quite hard to predict and I am sure a lot of people will debate on the use of this card. The main problem with it is the donk, if its never forced to start in the active position turn one it would be much better. However there is still the fear factor of that happening which will deter most.






The HP and Retreat cost are quite mediocre at best for a Stage 2, and the attack is poor as its output is far too low to merit its cost. It does however have a decent Ability that can provide attachment acceleration of Fire Energies from the deck, which is also stackable if multiple Chandelure PLF's are on the field.


As it is the first ever accelerator of Basic Energies from the deck [Colress Machine accelerates Plasma Energies which are Special] I have no doubt that this card will see some play as it could provideacceleration to Pokemon such as Reshiram BLW and Entei EX or even Pokemon such as Mewtwo EX who use Colourless Energies.




Competitive Impact Verdict: 4


In a speed filled format more than ever before, I'm not sure that a Stage 2 that can accelerate no more than one attachment per turn [even if it is from the deck] will be able to cut it versus decks running attackers such as Thundurus EX. I still think its a decent rogue option though.


Pokémon - 14


4 Litwick PRO

3 Chandlure PLF

3 Entei EX DEX

2 Mewtwo EX NXD

1 Reshiram BLW

Trainers - 33


4 Professor Juniper

4 N

3 Skyla

2 Bianca

1 Colress


4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Rare Candy

4 Ultra Ball

3 Float Stone

3 Switch

2 Super Rod


1 Scramble Switch





Energy - 12


8 Fire

4 Double Colourless


Heatran EX:


This card seems quite underwhelming for me. While the HP is a decent 180, the attacks are quite mediocre at best for an EX, and can both be quite circumstantial. The first attack is useful versus decks running Hypnotoxic Laser assuming Heatran EX is not asleep as it does 60 damage for two Colourless and a Fire, but twice that if effected with a special condition.


The main problem with the first attack is that the opponent has a lot of control over when to let this Pokemon use that attack to its full power, so overall while I think its decent attack, I feel that it will never be the basis of a competitive deck.


The second attack is useful too and from what I can see is the main attack of Heatran EX. It does however have a number of problems. For one, the amount of Energies needed is far too high considering its base output of 80 damage is quite low.


Even though it is able to do 10 more for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon, it still means that t this Pokemon or another will be required to attack first and with a Weakness to Water, and a required Plasma attachment to use the second attack to its full power I expect it will be hard to use consistently well.


Competitive Impact Verdict : 3


There has been talk of running the card with Chandelure PLF or Emboar BLW for energy acceleration and cards such as Dusknoir BCR for damage manipulation of the opponents board to enable the second attack to do more damage. However I still think its too slow and the opponent has too much control over the attacks for this card to work well.






This card is another of the new Pokemon aimed to help support the Plasma mechanic. It appears to be useful at first glance, as its power to provide two less retreat cost to all Plasma Pokemon, will enable Pokemon such as Deoxys EX and Lugia EX to have free retreat.


However this Pokemon is a Stage 1 Pokemon, with a Basic weak to both Landorus EX and Thundurus EX donks with Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym, and itself having just 90 HP, making this Pokemon a free knock-out for the opponent throughout the game.


Competitive Impact Rating : 2


In other formats perhaps this card would have been better, however with the release of Float Stone, and in such a fast paced format there is no need or room for a Pokemon such as this in decks right now I believe. Its a good card but I would be surprised if this Pokemon was ever used even in a Plasma deck.






Out of all the non-EX Basic Pokemon in this set this one is without a doubt the best I believe. It looks decent at first, but nothing too special, in order to appreciate the card however we need to look at the wider picture.


The first attack does 30 damage to the active and 30 to the bench for one Water and one Colourless. At a glance this looks like a worse version of Landorus EX, and some people would just move on. However this Pokemon is not an EX, is able to use Colress Machine acceleration, and can gain more power from Deoxys EX too.


The conclusion is that this Pokemon can do the same or even more damage than Landorus EX on the first turn most of the time, is not an EX and even hits Landorus EX to Weakness, a card which would have been a major headache for the deck that this card resides in the -Thundurus EX- Deoxys EX deck.


Its not just the first attack though, the second attack can do 120 damage for two Water and one Colourless, providing a clean knock-out on a Landorus EX, albeit at the cost of not being able to attack next turn. It is also able to do much more than that though.


As the list I will provide later on will show Kyurem PLF is capable to get a one hit knock-out on even 180 HP EX's. Kyurem PLF + 3 Deoxys EX + Hypnotoxic Laser with a Virbank Gym out is a knockout on all the EX's in the game without even needing to use an EX attacker.


This sounds hard right? The truth is that the deck is so fast and consistent that the chance of this attack coming out as early as the second turn is a real possibility. And even if its not possible on the first few turns, the first attack on its own is capable of a decent output.




Competitive Rating: 8


There will be people that will look at this card and not see its full potential, but from testing and observation of a Japanese results I have no doubt that this is one of the best attacking Pokemon in the format right now, and will become a staple attacker in the Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX deck.





This card reminds me of Glaceon from this set, a card that might have been good in another format, but is far too slow and weak to have much of a competitive impact in this one and also has a better alternative in the item card Bicycle.


I decided to include it in the review however as it is able to be consistently used more than Bicycle and some people have been discussing it. The attack is poor though, and I doubt it will appear in any top tier decks in the near future.


Competitive Impact Rating: 2


In other formats perhaps this card would have been better, however with the release of Bicycle and in such a fast paced format there is no need or room for a Pokemon such as this in decks right now I believe and Voltorb's Weakness to Pokemon such as Landorus EX is horrific.




Thundurus EX:


This is one card that similar to Kyurem PLF from the same deck looks mediocre at best on first appearance, but by examining the meta-game surrounding the deck, and the support available to this card we can realise its full potential.


The stats are quite normal, and the second attack is rather poor considering the number of Energies needed to use it, so its almost all about that first attack here. 30 damage for one Lightning attachment is mediocre at best for an EX Pokemon compared to something like Landorus EX.


However this Pokemon has an extra little added effect of its own. Indeed this card allows us to attach one of our discarded Energies onto a benched Team Plasma Pokemon. The important thing of note here is that this includes Special Energies. Making it one of few cards that can re-use Special Energies.


So what's not to like here? Acceleration of Special Energies on a Basic EX Pokemon for no coin flip, with an extra added bonus of damage? Is the damage still too low though to waste a number of turns attacking with it? The answer is its not.


Combining this card with Deoxys EX and a high number of Team Plasma's Poke Balls and Ultra Balls and this card can realistically be hitting up to 60 damage turn one without much of an issue. On the third turn with some Hypnotoxic Lasers thrown in this card could be doing up to an insane 100 damage per turn for one Energy.


Of course there are still some downsides to the card. A weakness to the still popular Landorus EX, the need to have a lot of supporting cards to do enough damage, amongst other factors will prevent this card from achieving complete domination, but without a doubt I expect this card to be a crucial part of a tier one deck.


Competitive Impact Rating: 9


This combined with Deoxys EX has to be the best EX combination in the game at the moment, and one I imagine will be discussed a lot by a number of people in the build up to the next wave of tournaments. A staple card of a staple deck, although its second attack and Fighting Weakness are not ideal, they won't hold this card back.



Deoxys EX:




This is the last card which remains for me to talk about in the Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX deck, and without this card the deck just wouldn't work which can be seen from the deck-list above which runs a maxed out four copies of this card.


Deoxys EX's Ability which is the main use for the card allows it to add ten damage to all Plasma Pokemon's attacks. This forms a sort of permanent Pluspower on the Bench. The over advantage is that the Ability stacks, so with about three copies out often it can add 30 damage to a Plasma Pokemon such as Thundurus EX's attacks.


Combine this as mentioned earlier with cards such as Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank PLS and Thundurus EX can do ridiculous amounts of damage for just one Lightning attachment. The attack will max out at 100 damage with all extra added effects, but even without Hypnotoxic it tends to do about 60 damage per turn for one Lightning in the mid-game.


The fact that its a Plasma Pokemon itself also helps this card a lot as it enables it to use to support of Plasma Ball Pokemon draw allowing Deoxys EX's to be put on the bench quickly and consistently without discarding other important resources. Getting three Deoxys EX in the first couple of terms is quite a realistic scenario.


Some people might be concerned with the fact that its weak to Pokemon such as Mewtwo EX. However this card has an attack in itself that becomes a viable Mewtwo EX counter as it needs just two Energies to knockout a Mewtwo EX with two Energies, and can abuse Colress Machine acceleration to power up the attack in one turn.


There are of course some weaknesses with all Pokemon, the fact that almost all of the bench has to be taken up by a card that generally never attacks can often be a viable argument against the deck, however this deck tends never to need much bench space for other cards, and it also helps power up Colress to draw more cards.


Competitive Impact Rating: 9


This combined with Thundurus EX has to be the best EX combination in the game at the moment, and one I imagine will be discussed a lot by a number of people in the build up to the next wave of tournaments. A staple card of a staple deck, the Weakness to Mewtwo EX might not be ideal, but Deoxys EX can attack into it if needed.




Pokemon - 10


4 Deoxys EX PLF

3 Thundurus EX PLF

2 Kyurem PLF

1 Lugia EX PLS


Trainers -


4 Professor Juniper

2 Bianca

2 Colress

2 N

2 Skyla


4 Plasma Ball

4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Colress Machine

2 Float Stone

2 Ultra Ball

2 Switch


2 Virbank City Gym


1 Scramble Switch


Energy - 14


4 Blend WLFM

4 Plasma

4 Prism

2 Double Colourless



Mr Mime:




Mr Mime's low HP and poor attack mean that this card won't get a lot of competitive action however its Ability might provide some use. Worried about Spread decks? Fearful of that Darkrai EX Night Spear's bench damage? This card might be able to provide some relief if that's a problem.


If it wasn't clear in the first paragraph Mr.Mime's Ability prevents all damage done to your benched Pokemon which can be game-winning versus decks that are running bench sniping and spreading attackers. The main problem is that the cards which do that are not significant meta-game attackers now, but perhaps this is one for the future.


Competitive Impact Rating: 3


As I mentioned above this card would be crucial versus spread decks for example, but with no viable meta-game decks based around spread at the moment, and deck-lists tight enough already I doubt this card will make much of an impact for a while at least. If spread becomes popular we know who to turn to though.





Metagross PLF is a support Pokemon that a number of people have discussed as being a helpful aid to consistency in Plasma based decks as its Ability allows us to search the deck for a Plasma card and put it into our hand once per turn. A useful added bonus to Plasma decks even though its not stackable.


The main problem with this card though is that it in itself is too slow to set up, and takes up far too much room in already tight deck-lists, removing all the consistency from the deck that its supposed to provide. While it is by no means a terrible card, Stage 2 techs just do not work in the current meta-game.


Competitive Impact Rating: 3


As stated above although the card enables extra added search in Plasma engine based decks, it counteracts all the extra consistency it provides by it being a slow and hard to set-up Stage 2 Pokemon. There are plenty of other search Items and Pokemon right now so I would be surprised if this card saw much competitive action.






After hearing a friend of mine raving about this card and wanting to run it in a deck just because the first attack has their name in it (in case you haven't guessed their name is Jack) I decided to have a look at the card myself and see if I could help them out with a deck for Absol.


What I realised was that the card was actually rather good, and also through a little bit of research I did I saw that the over in Japan this card was a really strong meta-game counter for a Darkrai EX deck to have.


As with most decks around its all about the maths, with the following decks expected to do extremely well from Japanese results almost all of them (Blastoise, Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX, Eelektrik etc.) all like to have really large benches.


It just so happens that Absols first attack does for just two Energies 20 damage + 20 more for each benched Pokemon, in case you haven't realised 120 damage for the opponents maxed out bench + 30 from LaserBank and 20 from Dark Claw is an ******* Deoxys EX, Keldeo EX and Rayquaza EX, and its not even an EX attacker.




Competitive Impact Rating: 6


I absolutely love this card in the current meta-game as its actually potentially an even more powerful attacker than Darkrai EX in certain match-ups, and its not even an EX. The only problem I have with this card is that its over meta-game reliant and in a format full of Big Basics decks with Landorus EX it wouldn't be anywhere near as good.


Pokémon - 9


3 Sableye DEX

3 Darkrai EX

2 Absol PLF

1 Keldeo EX


Trainers - 40


4 Professor Juniper

3 Bianca

3 N

2 Colress


4 Dark Patch

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

4 Ultra Ball

4 Pokemon Catcher

3 Dark Claw

2 Energy Switch

2 Enhanced Hammer


1 Computer Search



3 Virbank City Gym


Energy - 11


11 Darkness





This card is another card that people have been discussing a little bit leading up to Plasma Freeze's release, I know that my friend from earlier was asking me whether combining Absol with Umbreon giving it more HP and making it almost as hard to knock-out as an EX.


While I think this is by no means a terrible idea as this was just for PTCGO and not for competitive play I said that in such a speed based format it was a better option to run the deck as a faster variant with Darkrai EX etc. rather than with Umbreon.


And I still stand by that fact as I said earlier with Glaceon, although the bonus is helpful I don't


Competitive Impact Rating: 2


And I still stand by that fact as I said earlier with Glaceon, although the bonus is helpful I don't think that its really quite good enough to justify running a weak Basic like Eevee in the deck and waste so much space in the deck on something that just provides a HP boost. If you are that worried about your HP just run Giant Cape/Eviolite or Potions instead.






When I first started discussing and testing with cards I rather shunned this card out the window despite the fact that it was potentially very powerful due to its second attack being able to do effectively unlimited damage for just two Energies by doing 30 damage times the number of Pokemon discarded by this attack, and consistently up to 120 damage due to Exeggcute's Ability.


The reason I wasn't convinced was that the deck just looked far too weak on paper, Weavile had the highest HP of all the Pokemon and that was just 90 HP, and Exeggcute which the deck needed to run four of has a pathetic 30 HP, making it the easiest card to donk in the whole format.


I was quite surprised when flicking over to Esa's blog, The Deck Out, to see this deck listed as a top tier deck. After seeing this list which combined it with Electrode I started to like the deck a little bit more (although I'm still not totally on the hype train) and decided to do a little bit of testing with it.


Competitive Impact Rating: 5


After taking Esa's basic list and tweaking it to my own personal preferences I have to say I'm still not totally convinced by the deck in the current meta-game and I really struggled to beat Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX and Big Basics in particular when I tested versus them, as such I won't be leaving a list for this deck.





This is one of the few cards in this set that I listed as potentially useful that I haven't got round to testing, this is in part because I don't think it will have a huge impact, and nobody I talked to actually mentioned this card at all.


Basically the only reason I would use this card is for its first attack which for three Colourless Energies does 60 damage, which is quite poor in particular for a Stage 2, with the extra added bonus of preventing the opponent from using Items next turn.


I just thought that this card might be a fun league deck to test out with something like Garbodor DRX for a complete lock-down deck of Abilities and Items. Ultimately though although I cannot give complete verification of this, I doubt this card will see much competitive play.


Competitive Impact Rating: 3


This card seems pretty fun to me and I look forward to building a fun deck at league or on PTCGO with this deck, for actual tournament play I think it would just be too clunky and the damage output would just be too low for the deck to succeed.





This is quite an interesting card as it has two attacks which both could potentially be useful. The first of which does 20 damage X the number of Water and Lightning Energies you shuffle back into the deck with this card, which although would only be used probably at most once per game could be an interesting tech in cards running those Energies.


One particular deck that springs to mind that could also use its other attack with does a decent 30 to damage to three of the opponent's Pokemon, as it sets it up for OHKO's is Empleon DEX based decks, which have used other Stage 2 techs in the past such as Dusknoir BCR in the Empire deck.


While I don't think this card will be that great considering Empoleon isn't doing that well now and this card won't be the best variation of the deck, but it could still make a surprise impact perhaps, and also might be a fun deck to test out at league.



Competitive Impact Rating: 3

This card does have a little bit of potential and its a card that I would like to see have some success, but I'm not sure in such a fast paced format that this card would ever find its place in a really good deck.


Latias EX:


I know many people were discussing this card when the Japanese scans were first released and I distinctly remember people theorymoning like mad about this being the BDIF, and a format changer.


Just to make one thing clear, after testing with this card I can state very clearly that this is all hog-wash. Its incredibly obscure Energy Costs requiring both Psychic and Fire (yes I know there is a Blend that uses both) alienates it from being a potential tech card in pretty much every half decent deck, and its incredibly low damage count prevents it from trading evenly with any card that can attack into it.


The people who were raving about this card often stated that it "doesn't matter" about this, because it auto-wins all the meta-game decks that rely on Ability based attackers such as Darkrai EX and Keldeo EX. Well I have to apologise by raining on their parade and telling them that both those decks will run other attackers such as Absol PLF and Mewtwo EX that don't have Abilities.


Competitive Impact Rating: 4


While I don't think the card is terrible by any means, the obscure energy costs, the low damage, the fact that its an EX and just the format anyway will prevent in from having much success. While I think it could be powerful if people forgot all about it, and decided not to run any non-Ability attackers it could have some potential, but doubt that will happen.




Latios EX:


I think that this EX is one of the worst (outside of perhaps Heatran EX) in this set, as its an EX I decided to review it anyway, but I really don't think its that good. The first attacks damage really isn't that useful, and its a little too low for the cost too.


Whilst the second attack is better, its only marginally so, its a weaker version of Landorus EX as it requires two different Energies to attack with and discards all the Energies unlike Landorus EX which just discards Fighting, although Blastoise decks could potentially accelerate Energies they already have something far better in the form of Black Kyurem EX.


Competitive Impact Rating: 2


I think that this is my least favourite EX in the set in terms of its attacks, because at least Heatran EX is quite unique, this card just feels like a worse version of other cards and I would be shocked to see it have any impact at large scale tournaments.






Eevee Box is just not good at all. Landorus EX has a field day, as does Thundurus EX. And everything else seems like it would just win this match-up too. Best Eeveelutions in a while, but its still bad. I did include Glaceon and Umbreon in the review, but I would never use them in an Eevee Box deck even if I had to use them.


Competitive Impact Rating: N/A





Tornadus EX:


This is the last Pokemon to review in the new set, and its good to end on a high note I think (Eevee was going to be last lol.) This Pokemon is going to be exclusively used for its first attack I expect, and we could see it as a potential staple in many set-up decks, providing a near undonkable starter.


For those who haven't seen the scans for one Colourless Energy Tornadus EX shuffles your hand into the deck and allows you to draw six cards. Many of you might well remember Cleffa from HS which had the same attack, which did see a lot of play at one point to help support set-up decks, unlike Cleffa HS however this Pokemon is far harder to donk.


Competitive Impact Rating: 8


I think that this is a pretty strong set-up card for many slower Stage 2 decks, and might even become a potential staple, while the Weakness to Thundurus EX isn't ideal, it will still have a tough time knocking it out in one hit in particular on the first couple of turns, so this card is infact a safer starter than a number of other Pokemon at the moment.


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