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Tokens VS Exes


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Yo, after amezing news about future of tokens, I think everybody asks questions: will be able to buy EXs with tokens?

And why yes/why not? I'm opened on your aswers.


I actually think making it able is GOOD idea, because it will increase number of players - not everyone have so much money to spend them on game.


In this way, someone will think "So now none will buy boosters". Nope. Because Price of Exes with tokens will show us, that tokens are to HELP make decks, not to build all decks from zero with tokens. So players who still want have lot of decks, special rares, FullArts, have to buy packs.


Buying EXes with tokens will help other players to get into this game. Price of Exes will let them build only 1 deck, but who knows, maybe this deck will let someone win tournaments give him hope, let him trade.


Because game actually looks like that: You don't have money, you can't win games.

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