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(Discussion/Decks) Old Format Decks


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Hello community! Today I am bringing to you a place where you can post your older formats' decks. Here you should post and discuss your old decks, from the first format (Base, jungle and fossil) to the last year's HGSS+BW Prime format. Let the nostalgia flow through you!



So, opening the thread I'll post here my Base/Fossil/Jungle sets deck:

Pokémon (11):4x Hitmonchan

4x Electabuzz

3x Aerodactyl



Trainers (32):

3x Potion

4x Switch

4x Plus Power

4x Energy Removal

4x Bill

4x Professor Oak

3x Misteryous Fossil

4x Gust of the Wind

2x Computer Search



Energy (17):

9x Fighting Energy

8x Eletric Energy


The strategy is really simple. It used to run Mr. Fuji, wich added a little more learning curve to the deck, but now it's just getting the attackers down, powering them up in the right time and order and countering evolution decks with Aerodactyl. As almost all good decks of this format, it runs 4 Bills and 4 Oaks, alongside with some Computer Searches and the 4 Gust of the Wind.

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