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My quest towards DE and NV packs


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Hi there put this post up to list the cards i am currently trading and the values,i am trading them for, packwise.

Currently looking for Dark explorers and noble victories packs.


Cards i'm trading:


Plasma Storm:

1x Colress (1)

1x Colress machine (1)

1x DB Magnezone (3)

1x Giratina (1)

1x Beheeyem (0.5)

1x Torterra (0.5)


Boundaries Crossed:

1x Dusknoir (2)(sold)


Dark Explorers:

1x Kyogre EX (3)

2x Volcarona (0.5 ea)(sold)

2x Cofagrigus (0.5 ea)

2x Sableye (0.5 ea)

2x Random Receiver (0.5 ea)

1x Enhanced Hammer (0.5)


Next Destinies:

1x Reshiram (1)

1x Level Ball (0.5)


Emerging Powers:

1x Pokemon Catcher (2)(sold)

1x Tornadus FA (2)



1x CW Shaymin(3)


Those are all xD. If you are interested in any let me know in game or through here(either by post or pm).

In case Someone is interested in all i'll cut the total down to 17 packs. Thanks and good Trading.

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