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Dream Cards


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If you had control over the game, what sorts of cards would you make? I'd like to see how creative everyone can be! Try to make things that would be interesting additions to the game but without breaking it. Here are a couple of ideas I'd like to see:


Immovable Anchor

Tool Card

The Pokemon Immovable Anchor is attached to cannot be made active. If you attach Immovable Anchor from your hand to your active Pokemon, switch it with one of your benched Pokemon.


The idea here is to be able to keep a specific Pokemon safe from being Catchered or something similar. It's ideal for Pokemon you've got in your deck simply for their ability, especially when they have a high retreat or low HP, so on. The big caveat is that if all your other Pokemon get knocked out, you can't put the Anchored Pokemon into active so you would lose.


Poison Cloak

Tool Card

If this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon and is damaged by an attack from the Defending Pokemon, the Defending Pokemon is now poisoned.


The appeal to this one, I think, is rather obvious, especially in a game that now includes Virbank Gym.


EX-Lock Stadium

Stadium Card

Whenever an EX Pokemon attacks. If either of them are tails, that attack does nothing. If both are heads, that attack does +50 damage, all coin flips for that attack are considered heads and EX-Lock Stadium is discarded.


This one, I think is somewhat necessary. It nullifies EX Pokemon 3/4 of the time but it does so without being too unbalanced. It's something you would want to play early in a match to block early knock outs by Tornadus EX or Landorus EX while you gets your own game running. It could also help out EX decks in a way. Look at Reshiram EX, it doesn't matter if you're not attacking every turn because once you hit those two heads you'll deal 200 damage, enough to OHKO anything, and you don't have to worry about possibly dealing damage to yourself!


Anyway, I'm curious to see what others will come up with!

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