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Ptcgo stream!


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HELLO! We are three PTCGO streamers playtesting and discussing the best decks in the format named fatkid123, freffyfreffy123 and Davidoz. If you want to check out the decks we are playing, you should swing by our stream beginning TODAY at around 20:00 GMT and continuing way into the night/day (ca. 03-04:00 GMT) depending on where in the world you are. As for now we are focusing on keldeo-blastoise/Darkrai with lasers/Ho-Oh aswell as several other rouge-decks. We are trying to get as many viewers as possible, so please help us get there! :D


Our achievements IRL in the pokemon TCG are: Winning many regionals, battleroads and city championships, aswell as top 32 and top 16 at worlds and a 4th place and a top 16 at ECC.


We will be streaming at theese urls:




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