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"ChompEON! of the World!" (Garchomp/Empoleon)


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This is a deck I've been using since Dragon Ex. I've posted an older version of this list before, but this version is really good in this format. Most people think that 2 second stage Pokemon don't work in a deck, but these 2 work very good together. Beats almost all top tier decks. The only deck that I seem to always have a problem with is Blastoise/Keldeo. I'd say it loses 70/30. Anyway, great deck, and I hate giving this list away, but I've been seeing people using Chomps lately, so I figured I might as well school you on the list I've been using as my main deck for the past 6 months. At least now I can prove this deck was my idea first lol. Let me know what you think.



Gible 4

Gabite 2

Garchomp 3

Emolga 1

Terrakion 1

Piplup 3

Empoleon 2



Fight 5

Water 2

Blend 4



Gold Potion 1

Rare Candy 4

Pkmn Catcher 4

Switch 3

Recycle 2

Hypno Laser 2

Super Rod 1

Energy Switch 2

Max Potion 2

Pkmn Comm 2

Level Ball 2



Skyla 3

Cheren 1

N 2

Colress 2



Recycle: You can get out the card you recycle in the same turn with Empoleon's "Diving Draw".

Energy Switch: For everything, but also so when you start with Emolga, you can take the energy off of him.

Hypno Laser: So Chomp can knock out almost any Pokemon in 2 hits instead of 3.


Also, it's up to you if you want to take something out to put in a Tool Scrapper for Garbador. I don't think it needs it because neither of the abilities are 100% necessary, though they do help a lot (especially Chomp's, "Dragon Call").

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