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Cards I need!


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Here is a list of my wants and prices I'm willing to pay:


1x Zekrom FA (2 Packs)

1x Victini FA (3 Packs each)

1x Terrakion FA (5 Packs)

3x Mewtwo EX FA (8 Packs each)

2x Darkrai EX FA (9 Packs each)

2x Pokemon Catcher SR (14 Packs each)

1x Keldeo EX FA (11 Packs)

3x Tornadus EX FA (9 Packs)

2x N FA (6 Packs each)


I have 135+ credits, I would be quick I'v been opening like 20 a day.

I also have a few cards for trade:


1x Landorus EX FA (11 Packs)

1x Darkrai EX (7 Packs)

1x Terrakion EX FA (5 Packs)

1x Terrakion EX (3 Packs)

1x Rayqaza EX (5 Packs)

2x Raikou EX (5 Packs each)

1x Kyoger EX FA (5 Pack)

1x Kyoger EX (3 Packs)

2x Entei EX (3 Packs each)

1x Hyderigon A (2 Packs)

2x Golurk SR (3 Packs each)

2x Gold Postion (2 Packs each)

3x Computer Search (3 Packs each)

2x Crysta Wall (2 Packs each)

2x Crysta Edge (2 Packs each)

3x Dusknoir A (1.5 Packs each)

1x Cheren FA (5 Packs)

1x Bianca FA (5 Packs)

1x Skyla FA (6 Packs each)


and just have a look at my trade binder for more!

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Would you be willing to trade:

My 1x Zekrom FA, 1x Altaria and 1x Garchomp

for your Skyla FA?


I can trade you 4 packs or something else worth 4 packs for them but not skyla sry.

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