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Fun, Tough Deck ideas for Gym Specific Decks :)


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Hello everyone i have always thought it is a good idea to make a thread for this topic. i have made this thread following on from the Trading Card League and for all others running a league with gym leaders.



Here you may simply post your own deck idea for a gym leader's deck, or even give advice.

who knows it might actually catch attention to some already gym leader especially since there maybe unexplored stuffs after the Plasma storm release.



Ok there are some rules your deck must follow. rules are according to that of the 'Trading card league rules' followed by gym leaders.



A gym element gym must only have card of that type.

eg. for a fire deck, there must be only fire types, no colorless pokemon whatsoever.

(with exception of pokemon like swablu and scyther etc, whoever dark zweilous is is 'no' in a dragon gym although its unlikely for that)



you can make a deck: for unlimited(all card from HGSS onwards) or modified(simply playable online through modified battle option.)


also u can make a deck, simultaneous to the different levels: advanced, intermediate, standard.

Advanced: everything goes... pokemon prime, ex everything

Intermediate: everything except: pokemon prime, pokemon ex, HGSS Legend cards and Ace spec

Standard: only uncommons and commons in the deck.





You may consider to make your deck plan around the current meta and make it as resistive and challenging as you can,

also the deck is to be suitable against the same level, no need to worry about the other levels.



So everyone get in to the mind of your own gym leader inside, and make this an opportunity to show of your ideas with bounds.

Have fun :)

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To start of: here's an idea for a Grass Gym, Unlimited and Advanced


Pokemon: 15

Vespiquen HGSS x1 Plasma x 2

combee HGSS x 4

celebi ex x 2

sunflora HGSS X2

sunkern x2

virizion NV x 2


Trainers (must)

Virbank Stadium

Hypontic laser

Pokemon Catcher

Interviewer's Question HGSS

Level Balls

~Pokemon Collector/Twins HGSS


Special Energies:

Rainbow x4

DCE X(2)


The idea is to use combee's attack except no low hp fear thanks to celebi ex allows vespiquen to still use the attack.

rainbow energy puts the damage counter u need and with just one energy 90 damage is ready on turn two with the new exaggerated effect of poison involved.

sunflora is to make consistency of getting the grass pokemons. and that is all and simple.

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Cresselia ex 3-4

Reuniclus (Damage swap) 3

Duosion 3

Solosis 4


Trainer 30



Gold potions



pokemon center

Anything else you see fit.


Energies 16

Psychic 14

Dce 2


Out sustain and use all resources to set up cresselia to get a constant stream of 90 damage.

all the while putting damage counters from cress onto your benched cress and let that damage vanish.

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Advanced Grass Gym:

Yanmega prime & pack the rest of your deck with trainer cards:D


Intermediate Psychic Gym:

Mime Jr.+Slowking, see above^^


Ideas for Fighting/Rock would be welcome because I just have a few decks I can use right now:(

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