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Help an old man out!


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So, this is where all the cool kids hang out these days?


I read that you have to buy booster packs and enter the code on them to get booster pack points to spend in the game, or something along those lines. So, what booster packs does that include?


This game should somehow find a way to add the old cards into the game, that's my style! ;)


I wish I could add my entire collection of the base/jungle/fossil set and play with those cards. :D Maybe one day...who knows >_>


(I haven't touched pokemon cards since the first dark monsters came out, however long ago that was. I remember winning countless tournaments with my Sneasels (when he wasn't banned hehe). ^_^

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The packs that have codes inside them are ones that have the title "Black and White" on them. Only Black and white and onward packs have codes inside of them to redeem. You can find out what cards are inside each expansion on the various websites including the pokemon website which has a data base of cards. Right now the best cards are Pokemon EX. Pokemon Ex can be easily obtained in Ex tins (1 guaranteed Ex card,4 booster packs). I suggests you get some ex tins to start out since they have the one of the best cards from the start. In my opinion the best ex tins are the Mewtwo tin, Rayquaza tin, Darkrai tin, and soon to be released Keldeo tin. You should do some research on current competitive decks. Current competative decks include Blastoise/Keldeo Speed Darkrai and Rayquaza Eelektrik and more.


Current sets that have codes inside them are:


Black & White (Base set)

Emerging powers

Noble victories

Next Destinies

Dark Explorers

Dragons Exalted

Boundaries Crossed

Plasma Storm

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So, how do I go about getting these "EX" cards. Is there a special code when you buy the EX tins or is it just look from redeeming boosters?

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If you have a look at the online store you'll see the earlier sets are now being released. Also, I have an ex card in LT - no special code for it. I avoid the tins simply because of the asking price for what you get. I don't need a fancy tin for my cards ( I have too many), I use binders and card-boxes for the dupes.

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Hello trainers,


In order to maintain organization and prevent confusion within the forums, posting in threads that have been inactive for more than 14 days is not permitted. You can read more about this rule and others in the Official Forum Code of Conduct.


I'll be closing this thread now. Thanks for your understanding!

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