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The simplest questions that NEED answers.

D Joe Frog

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Firstly I noticed that my guy is still on level one despite beating all the computer trainers with every one one my packs. How do you go up levels???


Secondly, I was wondering what the point in the Pokemon tokens are. I have 91 how ever many that's worth, but that's just it. I don't know what they are worth or what to do with them. Help?



Thank you to any and all who answer my plea...

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Hey D Joe Frog!


Quite a neat name there! Anyways! On to the answering of questions. The levels associated with the computer trainer section doesn't currently go up. That'll be something you'll need to keep an eye out for future updates. So! You not going up a level is perfectly normal at the moment. :]


As for wondering about the tokens, I'm going to gently nudge you to this wonderful post! Prof_Warrax lays it out clean about things happen in the immediate, and not so immediate features of TCG Online. This includes tokens! If you've got anything else that you'd like to know, feel free to ask! We've got a lovely community here!


Stay Cool! (wondering how many posts she can get before Prof Snow notices. >:D)

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