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Anyone know effective ways to use Darkrai EX?


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Speed Darkrai with virbank gym and hypnotoxin beam is popular

Another way is using hydreigon with dark trance

You should also research on popular darkrai variants

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Darkrai-EX is one of the best EXs currently available. EVERY Dark-based deck should run it and Sableye DEX. Darkrai's best partners include:


- Sableye DEX with any items that are any good

- Ultra Ball, Dark Patch, Energy Switch engine

- Hydreigon DRX97

- Mewtwo-EX

- Terrakion NVI

- Tornadus-EX

- Zoroark DEX

- Shaymin-EX (if you're using Blend GRPD)

- Keldeo-EX

- Many others...


Darkrai also makes for a decent tech in decks that run Prism Energy, such as Klinklang BLW-based decks, so that all Pokemon (with the exception of Klinklang) can have free retreat. Other than that, I don't think there's much I missed.

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