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New player - need some help/suggestions.

Ty Rant

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Hey all! My name is Ty. I played the Pokemon TCG religiously from '99 to about '04, but I've long since fallen away. I'm just getting back into it and I need some help understanding how the game flows these days.


In card games, I tend to enjoy playing the decks that can quickly dish out some damage. I enjoy status effects beyond reason. I love toying with them. I remember from when I used to play that I don't like spending a lot of time evolving my Pokemon. I prefer basic/stage 1 Pokemon that can hold their own.


No preferred types, although I would like to start playing with the new (fairly new?) Dragon type cards.


Any suggestions on which packs to get? Any theme decks I should use? What are some good cards that sounds like they're up my alley?


Also, I got a White Kyurem EX card in a pack earlier today. Is that a worthwhile card? Is it a card people would trade things for?


Thanks a lot! I hope to start making some friends soon!


P.S. What's up with the avatar thing? I can only choose default avatars?

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Welcome to Pokemon TCG Online! I think the first thing you should do is change your screen name since any spaces in the screen name causes a glitch where you cannot chat. For changing screen names you can go to support and submit a ticket. Right now a popular deck is Rayquaza/Eelektrik (Since you like dragons) so I suggest you research about that deck and how you can gain the cards for them. Other popular decks include Keldeo/Blastoise, Speed Darkrai, Klingklang/Cobalion etc. Currently the popular set is Plasma Storm, so when you trade packs for cards, those are the packs you should trade. For Ray/Eels you should get a rayquaza promo tin and trade plasma packs for other cards. And Kyurem ex is not a worthwhile and not really desired for trade. Also Avatar feature has not been put in since this program is still in developement (I only have my avatar since I joined in the old version of PTCGO). In game avatars and forum avatars will come soon. Hopefully this has helped you. It was nice to meet you and I hope we can meet online sometime maybe become friends, battle or exchange opinions and tips.

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Well, then I'm definitely glad I hate this screen name - I already submitted a ticket this morning to change it! I was wondering why I couldn't communicate with the first and only person I've played though. Thanks for answering that concern. :]


Coincidentally, I've also submitted a ticket for my Darkrai and Rayquaza tin promo cards not unlocking when I used their codes. So I guess it's good news I'm already on the path to starting those decks - I just need them to unlock properly for now. I'll definitely go research on all of your suggestions, Speed Darkrai in particular.


Thanks a ton for all the help! Hopefully we meet again around the site/game. And hopefully I can resist the urge to just open all my packs...it's so *********, just as I remember when I was a kid.

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Currently the legal card sets are Black and White and onward (BLW-on). Do not invest time in getting HGSS cards. Right now when trading packs for cards, you should trade plasma storm since everyone wants plasma storm.


Current Tournament Legal Speed Darkrai that I play:



(dex) Dark explorers

(BC) Boundaries crossed

(PS) Plasma Storm

(march 2013) is the tin released for keldeo ex as a promo card


Pokemon: 8

3 sableye (dex)

4 Darkrai Ex (Promo/Dex)

1 Keldeo Ex (Promo(march2013)/BC)


Trainers: 40

4 professor Juniper

3 N

3 Bianca

2 Colress (PS)

1 Random Reciever (dex)

4 Ultra Ball (dex)

4 Dark Patch (dex)

4 Energy Switch

2 Dark Claw(dex)

1 Eviolite(PS)

2 Virbank City Gym(PS)

4 Hypnotoxic Laser(PS)

1 Computer search (BC)

1 Tool scrapper



12 Darkness

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If you wanna find a place to play pokemon tcg then you can go to "leagues" which are places where people gather to play pokemon. To find a league near you go to Pokemon main website then go to News & Events > Ready to play > find an even near you

You can search for leagues and official tournaments.

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