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Have some EXes, Want some PS Packs


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(All values are Gravybeast based with -0.5/-1 pack per card since PS packs worth more.)

Trading these EXes for PS Packs only.


x1 Reshiram EX (promo) ─ 1 PS Pack

x1 Victini EX ─ 8 PS Packs

x1 Zapdos EX ─ 4 PS Packs

x2 Zekrom EX ─ 1 PS Pack each

x3 Mewtwo EX (promo) ─ 3 PS Packs each

x1 Black Kyurem EX (PS) ─ 12 PS Packs

x1 Rayquaza EX ─ 4 PS Packs

x2 Rayquaza EX (promo) ─ 2 PS Packs each

x1 Darkrai EX (promo) ─ 3 PS Packs

x1 Registeel EX ─ 2 PS Packs


and a bonus!

x1 Blastoise Secret Rare ─ 15 PS Packs



and Please feel free to counter-offer in this thread.

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