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Play withouth real decks.


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Hi! First at all im from Argentina, so, sry if you don't understand something that I will say here.


I have a question for the game, creators and players.

There's a way to play without need buy new decks for redeem codes and take NICE cards to play with the people that uses EX's cards and others?


Because here in Argentina, for example, the economy is really bad, and buy some cards are extremely expensive because they are imported... and here we have a ++% of imported items...


So, there's a way to take nice cards? I have a old deck with like 1000+ cards that I'd bought in my past times [when i was a little kid in the road to be the very best :P] but that cards are old and don't got codes for use [i guess]



The new EX cards and BASIC Pokémons with 200 HP are so... :( bad boys :/


So this. It's there a chance to get new cards without bought them?

Were can I get new and good cards? What kind of game I have to play? VS?

I had win the 36 matches with red, blue and green decks in trainer section in EXPERT. And play some games in versus.

But... the EX cards broke my deck just only with 1 card...


PS: I know that I can play the DECK THEMED playmode but's nice to get our cards...



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I'm afraid to say that at the moment, apart from the 5 starter decks (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange), the only other way to obtain free cards at the moment, is from the daily login bonus. If you are not aware, by logging in every 5 days you should get a free (random) booster pack.


Although I believe that the game makers intend to make it possible (in the future) to obtain cards, booster packs and maybe decks by spending those "Tokens" that you get for playing matches and logging in.


Although, you don't need those EX cards to have fun in the game, I've found alot of fun in the game by playing friends at theme deck level, even though I myself have a nice collection of EX cards.

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You can buy cards from ebay like everybody does.


Im peruvian but still I can search for "pokemon codes" on Ebay and proceed to pay them. You can do this with any credit card or even with a Pesos debit card (so you don´t even need to have a credit aproved by your local bank or a dollar debit account).


Each online code will cost you 0.50 dollars aproximatetly, if its a plasma storm code it will probably cost you about 0.7-0.8 dollars.


Now you may be in a tough spot here because (as ive read in the news last year) the argentinian goberment has applied several restrictions to the commerce involving US dollars. First try to use ebay, and if that doesn´t work then you'll have to look for other options (like "mercadolibre" or something)


Other than buying online there is no other way to get cool cards for playing.



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A thing to know is that the cards you will have in real life buying boosters will never be the cards you will have when using the code from this booster. If you want to have cards for tcgo you can buy code cards from ebay or sites that sell these cards, or buy boosters from your local shop (only boosters > BW contain a code card you can use to have a booster credit)

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