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What is the best EX?


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Top 6 EX:


1) Keldeo EX. It currently has no decent weakness counter.

2) Coballion EX - only Victini has a chance to stop this is you run it with Klinklang (but it does lack damage potential)

3) Darkrai EX - Run with Sableye and Hydreigon, and now with Ether, turn 1 Night Spear can seriously cripple your opponent, whilst Free Max potion makes it a real pain

4) Black Kyurem EX (PS) - It does 200 damage. Enough said.

5) Tornadus EX - With a very reliable 60 T1 damage, or even 100 now with Ether, don't rule this out

6) Victini EX - Turn 1, it is almost unrivaled, but be wary of getting KOed by Bouffalant or a smart opponent using Victory Piece

7) Mew EX - Its ability. And its FA Artwork


Very Poor EXs


1) Mewtwo - Easily countered nowadays with both Sigilyph and itself. Having it benched can easily expose you to losing 2 Prizes before you've even played it, and other pokemon can now do more damage than it's X Ball

2) Cresselia - Unable to do serious damage, it may have a small use now with Hypnotoxic Beam, but other Pokemon tank better

3) Celebi - with limited health and limited uses in pretty much all decks (Charizard and Flygon being almost the only exceptions)

4) Kyurem - Plain 120 damage simply isn't enough for an EX, and not being able to use it repeatedly will cost you dearly

5) Giratina - Ok, it's 130 damage this time, but you lose the top 3 cards of your deck for it. It's Shred attack is handy against Sigilyph, but otherwise it's lacking in any appeal


These are just my opinions - I'm certain some people will disagree!

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