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Trading Plasma cards and packs for B&W cards


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Hello! i got more than 100 plasma storm booster codes waiting to be opened, so im looking foward to upgrading my B&W collection.


This is how this will work:


You can ask for:


1° Plasma boosters packs

2° Specific plasma cards


You can offer me:


1° A combination of items from the wanted list I posted below

2° Plasma booster packs (for example you can say: if you get cobalion ex im willing to give 10 PS packs)


What I dont take:


1° HGSS packs or B/W packs

2° Other cards that arent in my list



Wanted list


- 3 Full art "N"

- 3 Full art Bianca

- 3 Full art Skyla

- 3 Full art Mewtwo ex

- 3 Full art Keldeo ex

- 4 Full art Darkrai ex

- 1 Full art Ho-oh

- 3 Full art Rayquaza




Important things:


1° I dont use or care about other guys "value in packs" for cards, you will just have to offer.


2° I dont have a "set price in packs" for cards, so if you ask: "how much packs do you value FA darkrai ex" I wont be able to answer (reason: I never trade my things for B&W packs, personal choice)


3° I may add new cards to the list.


4° Its always better if you find me ingame, i trade a lot in there and you can check my binder (got cool things for trade, including 3 klinklangs and 3 FA cobalions).

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I have a FA Rayquaza for trade I'd take a Colress and/or 4 Ether (how I didn't get any in 23 packs, I have no idea...). Not on your list but I also have 1 SR Terrakion and Altaria to trade, I also have a few more FA EXs if you'd be interested.

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