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Is anyone interested in these cards?


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- Buizel

- Electrike

- Gothita

- Minccino

- Murkrow

- Seismitoad

- Shedinja

- Skiploom


I know I should probably tell you which versions they are, but I've only played this game, with actual cards, back in the time of the 151 Pokemon, and so I'm not sure on how to distinguish their versions anymore.


In return, I'm mostly interested in eletric, fighting and normal pokemon. If anyone has Buneary, Emolga (depending on the version), Manectric, Pikachu (depending on the version), Sawk, even better, but I'm open for discussion on the trades!

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Yes, it has an ability with that name, that disables abilities when he has a tool attached.


Have a look at my trade binder and see if you like anything or need anthing. I think I have few of the cards you might need.

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xXBlackOps2Xx, thank you for trading! Now, I have some more cards to trade, and added them. If anyone else is interested, please leave me a message around here...

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