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Looking for about 20 different cards. Offering Well.


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These are the cards I am looking for in no particular order:

  • Absol Prime x2
  • Secret Rare "fight song" Altaria x1
  • "Sporprise" Amoongus x2
  • Secret Rare "Ancient Power" Archeops
  • Spit Squall Carnivine x2
  • -Hurricane Tail- Dragonite x2
  • Eviolite x3
  • Gengar Prime x2
  • Houndoom Prime x2
  • -Aromax- Lilligant x2
  • Leafeon with Misma Wind x1
  • -Dimension Sphere- Lucario x2
  • Secret Rare -Pay Day- Meowth x1
  • Mew Prime x2
  • "Fiery Spirit" Rapidash x2
  • Scizor Prime x2
  • "Sunshine Grace" Sunflora x2
  • "Tangling Tendrils" Victreebel x1

If anyone has any of these please let me know what you are looking for in return. I don't know the values on a lot of these so if you could help with that too that would be great. I have a lot of great cards to trade so feel free to ask or look at my binder on the game.

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