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Close/Fun Matches


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So, anyone had any really close or really fun matches they just had to go and tell people about?


I had a really close one just now. I was using my Unlimited Liepard deck, and my opponent had the Basic Orange deck. I generally wouldn't be too worried, but when I played my turn one Heavy Ball, I found both my White Kyurem EXs were prized. That led to a bit of a problem. My only attacker in the whole deck is Liepard, and he's weak to everything my opponent plays! My only real chance of victory would be to get out Palkia and Dialga LEGEND, and use Confusion and Catchers to stop my opponent from attacking as I tried to deck him out (luckily, most cards in Basic Orange have a high retreat cost).


So, my first goal was to set up a Liepard and get out PDL. Unfortunately, PDL was buried deep in my deck, and really didn't want to come out to play. During the first half of the match, I burnt a lot of supporters trying to dig to it, whilst my opponent slowly set up. I ended up having to use Liepard to take out his Throh - Liepard with Dark Claw and special Dark Energy Assist into Purrloin's Slash for 50 damage, he dealt 60 and Circle Throwed me to the bench, I retreated and did another 50 to KO him. Liepard got revenge killed by a Mienfoo, I sent up another Liepard, Catchered his Boldore and confused it with Tail Trickery. At that point we stalled for quite a while - I was digging for PDL, whilst he set up his bench, leaving his confused Boldore to its fate. Eventually I KOed it (two attacks with an Assisted Slash (1 Special dark) at 30 damage a time, then finish up with Assisted Stored Power from Victini to chuck all the energy on a benched Liepard), but I hadn't drawn my White Kyurem EX in either of the prizes, so I really would have to rely on PDL. I Stored Power at the last because I assumed he'd get revenge killed, but he actually didn't revenge **** me that turn.


At last I got PDL out, and it was really touch and go from there. Apart from PDL, I had two Victinis and three Liepards out - the active one, which just Stored Power all its energy away, and two set up ones on the bench. I also only had very few cards left in my deck, whereas my opponent had a lot more. He had Conkeldurr active, but only 2 energy. So I began Time Controlling every turn. Luckily, I had one Super Rod and one Professor Oak's New Theory left in my hand, and my opponent was a little slow to draw energy. I Time Control... he passes. I Time Control... he passes. Time Control... he gets a third energy for Conkeldurr. I can't risk Conkeldurr attacking, so I Catcher up a Roggenrola and Sudden Delete Conkeldurr. I think it was about here I had 5 cards left in my deck, and he had 18. Time Control... Time Control... Roggenrola gets enough energy to ********. next turn, he can attach, retreat and start KOing me every turn with Mienshao, so I have to Catcher up another Conkeldurr.


Here it gets right down to the wire. At one point, he Energy Searches to pull a Fighting from his deck. I get down to no cards in deck, and Super Rod to put back three dark energy. I keep on Time Controlling every turn! Finally, we get down to the last turns - I have 0 cards in my deck, and 9 in hand, he has 7 cards in his deck. I Professor Oak, putting two cards back into my deck. I have to hit heads on every Time Control from now on to have a chance. Time Control, tails... Victini reflips into heads, leaving him with 5 cards in his deck. He draws, attaches the third energy to the active Conkeldurr and passes back. I draw my penultimate card, and Time Control him, with a heads. I don't care about Liepard being KOed now (I have two more set up on the bench) but if he hits any heads with Top Down I'll get decked out. He draws, and... passes! I draw my final card. He has two cards left in his deck - and I manage to get the heads on Assist to Time Control him, decking him out. Phew!


Final stats - I have 4 prizes left to take, and 0 cards in deck. He has 23 prizes left to take, and 0 cards in deck. If he hadn't have played the Energy Search, he'd have won by one card!

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