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Not alot of difference between Secret Rare and Rare cards


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I was just looking throw my cards and thought I'll see how meny SR cards I had and I came across 2 SR cards I didn't even about lol. Some of them you can tell are SR e.g. Catcher, Terrakion and Golurk you can see the gold border around the card. Other cards like Reuniclus, Archeops, Kyurem its not as easy to tell that Its a SR card unless you check the numbers or know its a SR, thats whys inexperienced players like me just think its just another rare lol. I think it would be a good idea if there was a filter were you can filter out SR cards like there are filter for Promos, Rare+ et. Not sure if it's just me being a picky or if anyone else has had this same problem.


Also I don't play pokemon in real life and haven't owned real pokemon cards in years but I saw some somewhere and the holos look a lot better with cool patterns like the team plasma cards and alot of cards have there card type on them and other stuff. Just woundering if Pokemon Online TCG cards would be the same in the future?


I got Reuniclus and Archeops SR so I'm happy but if your new to pokemon and don't know what is a SR and what isn't like me then I recommend you to have a look a at your Rare+ cards and see if any are SR cards. All SR cards are higher number then the amount of cards in the packs e.g. there are 20 cards in Dargon Vault packs but Kyurem is card 21/20 so it a SR card.

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