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Just looking for basic Deck building information :)


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Hey guys, Holygryphon here! So im just looking for some advice on building up my deck. I am using mostly a Psychic deck, but i also have 2-2-2 Conkuldur line, and 2-2-2 haxorous line. I moslty use my mewtoo ex and meloetta as attackers(to do low damage) (or if i have chance to set up mewtoo big i will) but i then like to play my dusknoirs in the back (he owns so hard, i use 2-2-2 line of him.) Should i take out the fighting and normal and stick to soely psychic, adding more of the dusknoir lines and a another mewtoo and just stock up trainers (Ive been reading you only need like 15 pokemon 15 energy and rest trainers.) Any advice would help me out, thanks for the replies! :D

(Also dont be afraid to tell me if im doing something wrong and just being a fool :P I can take constructive critizism)

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