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Apple57485's new tournament!!!


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Hey I am starting a new tournament. The way this will work is the first 16 people to sign up by typing what deck your using and I want to compete, I will sign you up. There will be 5 rounds of swiss and top 4. Just like the real tournament, the swiss rounds will be best of 1 and The rounds of the top cut will be best of 3. Both players must report the results to me. If only one of the two people reports to me then I will think that the other one dropped. If neither reports to me by the date then both players will be counted as eliminated. (TO SPEED THINGs UP) Now on to the prizes. 1st Place recieves 5 random Ultra Rares (worth total of 15 packs). All Online. So please sign up!!! Thanks!!!. Sorry but some of your user names are somehow filtered. PLEASE PLAY YOUR MATCHES AND RECORD THEM TO ME IN THE COMMENTS BY: 02-15-13[TABLE=width: 500]

Round 1 Pairings ARE UP



[TD]Dalek2011 (Garchomp/Altaria) vs

Supernova51D (Garbodor/Scizor)

Wowowiwo (Darkrai Variant?) vs

Kingworldpeace (Garbodor Variant) FINISHED BATTLE

xXBlackOpsXx (Rayeels) vs

Wailord88888 (Ex Variant?)

Ration (Garchomp/Altaria) vs

Brndyn (Hammertime)


Cuttingedge007 (Blastoise/Keldeo) vs

Andreas31 (Darkrai/Hydreigon) FINISHED BATTLE

Rap pin (Zekeels) vs

AlexManetric (Klingklang Variant or Blastoise/Keldeo)

Andreas4 (Rayeels) vs

Pikaxx (Blastoise/Keldeo)

Cloudre01 (Blastoise Variant) vs

Aloeb (Aggron/Durant) FINISHED BATTLE



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I dont think you can gather so many people, tournaments with less players take a loooooot to finish. You should try a tournament with no more than 20 players.


Anyway, include me with blastoise deck!


Another suggestion is that you promote the tourney ingame, thats something anybody does and will bring more attention and attendants to your tournament! (a lof of people that are very good dont know that tourneys are being organized at the forums and are definetly willing to participate!)

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Another suggestion is that you specify prices, which is what actually make people interested in playing!


Anyone would like "useless" cards like White Kyurem ex , Entei EX, Cresselia Ex, etc as prices, i think you should try to trade the cards you are trying to give for booster packs!

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sign me up plz using my non evalution deck all cards are non evalution, if you still need more a few of my ex are tornadus landorus keldeo terrakion and groudon!! :)

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If we actually get Plasma Storm after this Maintainance, sign me up with a Klingklang variant - if not, Keldeo/Blastoise variant please :)

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