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Maximum damage output


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What is the maximum damage output in the actual format an attack can have?



First of all I hope this isn’t done before in other forums or internet pages, otherwise give a note and the link. If not have a guess what it can be and go on and have fun.


At start I exclude attacks that done coin flips with unlimited damage continuing on heads.


I guess you all know a maximum damage output only occurs in a mirror match including both Mewtwo. His X-Ball attack count the number of energies on the active and defending Pokémon and multiplied this x20. Easy as it can be.


I start with an exactly same looking decklist. In this way you need the lowest number of luck involved to get this attack.


Pokémon (4):

2 Mewtwo EX

1-1 Gardevoir line other player has: 1-1 Vileplume line


Energy (53):

53 psycic


Item, supporter (3):

1 Hooligans Jim & Cas

1 Rare candy

1 Pokémon catcher


Mewtwo has a weakness to itself. Vileplume’s ability makes it a x4 weakness.

Gardevoir’s ability doubles every basic energy to a Pokémon. For this reason there is no need to play double-colorless-energies.


53 psychic energies are played just to maximise the chance of drawing into it every turn. To play rare candy instead of 1-1-1 evolution line is inevitable. If you draw stage 1 on your last turn you can’t evolve into stage 2. We try to exclude all things that favours luck. The Pokémon catcher must be played because in most times player 2 don’t starts with two Mewtwos.



The game plan: attach an energy every turn to Mewtwo and before decking out the last player attacks.


For this explanation I took the easiest starting hand that needs no further explanation for both players:

2 Mewtwo

1-1 Gardevoir/Vileplume line

1 Hooligans Jim & Cas

1 Rare candy

1 Pokémon catcher


If you have more psychic energies you should be able to draw the other cards in the following turns.


It is essential that both players have one Mewtwo in play for the first turn.


To stick to the upcoming explanation don’t draw extra card(s) for mulligan. For an easier understand I use the male ***.



Player 1 attaches an energy to his active Mewtwo. Turn ends. Player 2 puts an energy on his active Mewtwo. Turn ends. The evolution line comes into play if it is available as it is each players second Mewtwo.

Because there are only psychic energies in deck and prize cards you have atleast one energy at the beginning of every turn. This procedure continues until both players have one card left.


Turn 47:

Player 1 for now draws his last card and attaches his 47th energy. He plays Pokémon catcher and knock out player 2’s Mewtwo without energy. After he took his two prize cards he has two psychic energies and 1 Hooligans left.

Player 2 draws his last card and attaches his last energy to active Mewtwo. It’s time for Hooligans Jim & Cas. We assume a heads and player 1 has all his 3 cards back into his deck. After playing Pokémon catcher for player 1’s Mewtwo without energy he gets two psychic energie prize cards.


Turn 48:

Player 1 with an empty hand draws one of his three remaining cards and hopes for Hooligans, plays it without attaching an energy. A heads means player 2 have both his previous prize cards back in his deck, no player won’t deck out for next couple of turns. Player 1 ends his turn.

Player 2 draws an energy and attaches it, his 48th, turn ends.


Turn 49:

Player 1 draws an energy and attaches it, his 48th, turn ends.

Player 2 draws his last card, energy attachment 49, turn ends.


Turn 50:

Player 1 draws the very last card, unsurprising an energy. And his Mewtwo has 49 energies too.


That there are 98 energies in play its time for one last attack. This is 196 energies thanks to Gardevoir’s ability. X-Ball will now do with 4x weakness for Vileplume in play 196 x 20 x 4 = 15680.



If the start works and both player have Mewtwo right from the beginning you only need twice luck with Hooligans and – yes – evolution lines completed before turn 47. Without Hooligans you can get an easy 15040 damage for its 94 energies in play.


Now have your saying, if there are more opportunities for even more damage.

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Thanks for your first reply but my last sentence led to a misunderstanding.


I was looking for a way how to include even more damage in the last attack. This somehow has to work with energy in prize cards and other Hooligans. To find a way for more energy come into play thats the problem because there have to be more basics and catcher involved too.

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Magikarp and 1505 heads.


Without Coin flips there's no other combination that does more than the Gardevoir-Mewtwo combination.


Magikarp with 1506 heads would beat that..

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You've misread Gardevoir.. It only doubles 1 energy at any 1 time...


Thanks Alex on this note, but as stated below you mixed it there.




I will just explain the Rayquaza maximum damage output:

An easier damage output is to get with a good Rayquaza Dragon Burst against a Dragon with Vileplume would be better (240 for quadraple weakness for each lightning).

In fact the calculation is very simple. 6 Prize cards, one fire and one Rayquaza EX are the only non lightning energies. So here we go with an unbelievable 52 lightning energies.

We can play 52 energies because our opponent shuffels our lightning cards we can't play since turn one back in the deck with Hooligans. He plays 4 ultra baIIs and a computer search and discard energies which he can get back into his deck via 4 super rods to give himself more and the Rayquaza EX player all time to get to 52 lightning energies.


52 x 60 (Dragon Burst) x 4 (Dragon weakness) = 12480 damage



Hey, that's not the end.

What if we include Tornadus EX which attacks for one energy (DCE) [or every other one energy cost attacking Pokémon with a retreat cost of one]? Our opponents may helps us with a sky arrow bridge and we can knout out 2 EX and one regular Pokémon to get to 5 lightning prize cards.


1 Tornadus EX


1 Rayquaza EX

1 fire energy

1 prize card left

= 55 lightning energies


Now we have 55 lightning energies for Rayquaza EX and a final damage output:

55 x 240 = 13200.


Only problem is that Rayquaza could be prized or won't come fast enough in play. If you start with Rayquaza it should be no problem as long your other Pokémon and lone fire energy aren't prized while the sky arrow bridge ensures a free retreat for Rayquaza EX.

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Actually, you're wrong about Gardevoir. Gardevoir does double every psychic energy. The second sentence just means having two Gardevoir doens't triple it.

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Actually, you're wrong about Gardevoir. Gardevoir does double every psychic energy. The second sentence just means having two Gardevoir doens't triple it.


It's always good to know the correct game mechanism of the cards. Puh I'm glad my first whole work wasn't for nothing.

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Gardevoir does only work on your own Pokémon, though; both players would need Gardevoir in play to double the energy attached to both Mewtwo.


If we're looking at purely maximising damage output without relying on coinflips, then we can assume we draw the perfect hand and have the perfect cards in the prizes still. Some cards can knock themselves out; for example, Electrode Prime. So in the Rayquqaza situation, player one uses Rayquaza EX, 1 fire energy and 58 Lightning Energy. The opponent uses Voltorb, Electrode Prime, Super Rod, Vileplume line and a dragon weak Pokémon (let's say, I don't know, Dratini.) Then the opponent can use his Electrodes and Super Rods to have the Rayquaza player draw 5 prizes, before playing down the Vileplume line and leaving Dratini active. (He must also be running N to N the Rayquaza player to one card in hand at some point, and he can use something like Pull Out Durant to avoid decking out.)


Final damage output, 13,680.


in the Mewtwo situation, if one player plays Mewtwo EX, Gardevoir line, 56 Psychic energy, and the other plays Gardevoir line, Viluplume line and 54 Psychic energy, you can't get all the energy in play because some will be locked in prizes and some will lead to decking out... There might be ways to take some prizes and maybe play N or something to get a little better output, but the current output from that gets 94 energy into play, I think, resulting in damage of 15,040.

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