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Aggron/Sableye (R.I.P. Durant) by Created 619


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This is the best rouge deck I've played with in a long time. I'm the type that can't stand using the same decks everybody else is using (though I have a feeling this one would have been up there if it had been made earlier in this format), so after many failed attempts at creating a good rouge deck for this format (Raticate, Vileplume, Accelegor), my friend & I have made the 2013 version of Durant. We both have minor differences, but this is my version....




(Sableye Steals from the discard, we disable you by discarding your cards, and Aggron is made of Steel)



Sableye x3

Aron x4

Lairon x3

Aggron x3



Dark x5



Computer Search x1

Crushing Hammer x4

Enhanced Hammer x2

Devolution Spray x4

Energy Search x1

Heavy Ball x2

Level Ball x3

Max Potion x2

Pokemon Catcher x4

Switch x4

Super Rod x1



Pokemon Center x2



N x3

Bianca x2

Juniper x3

Skyla x4



Okay, so I used this for the first time today, and it has been very solid so far. I even RAN THROUGH an Eel/Ray, (which I figured would be the biggest challenge for this deck), and had no problems besides that it took me a few turns before I got an Aggron out. Well one thing I didn't like about that game was the comments my opponent made (which were probably out of frustration, from not being decked out, since Summer 2012). He just kept typing things like, "You're just going to keep doing that?", "This deck is boring", "I want to actually play a game" (because we weren't playing one apparently). And my favorite, "This is just like a Durant deck!" (directed as an insult). So judging by those remarks, I'd say this may be an alright deck. So anyway, thanks for taking the time to read if you did. What you think?


- Created 619

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If you cut back on switch, crushing hammer, and lairon (i would say probably 1 a piece of at least 2 of these) then you could add Darkrai into the deck to give free retreat. It supports it really nicely.

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i thought about it actually but i really like the hammers. ill make another version of it though. will need another energy or 2 im sure. could probably lose the energy search in that case. ill work on it though for sure. if u have a good list post it

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Alright here's my Aggron list:



2 Darkrai EX

3 Sableye

4-3-3 line of Aggron



1 Computer Search

3 Crushing Hammer

2 Enhanced Hammer

3 Devolution Spray

3 Heavy Ball

2 Level Ball

1 Max Potion

4 Catcher

2 Rare Candy

1 Super Rod

3 Switch

1 Tool Scrapper (For the rogue Garbodor so you still have free retreat with Darkrai)

3 Cheren

3 N

4 Juniper

1 Skyla

2 Rescue Scarf



6 Darkness Energy

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Yeah Ive changed mine already. I think no matter what a Aggron deck HAS to have Emolga in it. It doesn't start fast enough without it. I've tried darkrai, but this isn't an offensive deck so I don't like Darkrai. Plus if he gets knocked out that's 2 prize. Also Ive cut down on hammers and thrown in 2 rare candy and a tool scrapper as well. This program seems to face me against Garbador decks a lot, but if I use any other deck, I rarely see them. Also 4 Juniper and cut down to 3 Skyla.

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The reason you're facing a lot of Garbodor is because it had a good showing at the recent Regionals. So everyone thinks it's really good so they are playing it now.

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I created a decklist after created told me about his idea. Mine does not run anywhere as smooth, but I am really not liking darkrai. Also, was pondering about the deck and thought of the rare candies as well. In my brief testing, you need aggron and sableye up and running asap. Also, you should consider calling the deck millertime =D

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