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Cofagrigus based deck?


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Looking to do something fun that I haven't seen anyone else try, so far with very limited success. Anyone have any suggestions?


Obviously at the core must be 4-4 Yamask/Cofagrigus, lots of tools, and some Sableye to get them back again. I've also added a couple Darkrai to aid mobility, and Mew / Mewtwo, however whenever I do this I can't help but lump energy onto those cards and i've got ******** rubbish Darkrai/Mewtwo deck which is both boring, unoriginal, and boring, and boring, so i've kicked Mewtwo out at least, but Cofagrigus sat there with 2 retreat cost and 100hp isn't too fun without a Darkrai support. Mew I like but am struggling to find its most effective use here anyway, other than a shinier tool-chucker, and something to distribute energy around at a pinch. Also along with Cofagrigus, its a card

The other difficulty is getting Cofagrigus, energy, and enough tools in place. I'm usually missing something badly needed and have to discard everything else with a juniper. Overall i'm trying to build a semi-decent fun deck that isn't going to turn into another Darkrai clone. Anyway, the skeleton deck:


4x Yamask

4x Cofagrigus

4x Sableye

2x Darkrai EX

2x Mew EX


4x Juniper

4x N

1x Computer Search

3x Pokemon Catcher

2x Ultra Ball

2x Level Ball

2x Super Rod

2x Pokemon Communication

3x Dark Patch


4x Blend Energy (Dark/Psychic)

6x Dark Energy


Leaving 11 Tool cards, likely made up mostly of Eviolite and Dark Claw which have a use other than chucking.

So any suggestions?

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I don't know whether you're looking for tweaks or a new idea - but why not give Black Kyurem/Cryst Wall/Reunclius Abi/Cofa with Damagrigus a try? :)

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Was mainly looking for tweaks on a Chuckagrigus deck but hadn't considered the other versions... might track down some reunclius and damagrigus then and give it a whirl. BK w/ Wall is too risky to build a deck around I think, relies on setting that up and is ruined by a single tool scrapper. Plus 90hp on Damagrigus means it's easy to take out before you can move the damage, but its pretty interesting.

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