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Improvements to WhiteBoar deck?


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hi all, i'm having some good sucess with a White Kyurem EX - Emboar centred deck, was looking for advice on tweaks on trainers, supporters, other useful bits etc.

Pokemon - 12

  • 2x White Kyurem EX
  • 1x Entei EX
  • 2x Reshiram (Outrage/Blue Fire)
  • 3x Tepig
  • 1x Pignite
  • 3x Emboar (Inferno Fandango)

Supporters - 11

  • 2x Cilan
  • 3x N
  • 3x Juniper
  • 3x Skyla

Trainers - 23

  • 1x Crystl Edge
  • 3x Energy Retrieval
  • 2x Energy Search
  • 3x Pokemon Catcher
  • 3x Switch
  • 3x Rare Candy
  • 3x Super Scoop-Up
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 1x Level Ball
  • 2x Heavy Ball

Energy - 14

  • 10x Fire
  • 4x Water

The basic plan is get a couple of Emboar on the bench ASAP and get energy to White Kyurem EX. Dealing 200 damage each turn with Crystl Edge and energy retrievals is great. Entei is there for late game to get energy back from the discard onto my attackers again, Reshirams for Sigilyph and its useful attacks are just plain decent against most stuff.


Weaknesses are Keldeo, high retreat costs, and Tepig

Any thoughts?

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Your Deck looks very nice, My only concern is your lack of draw supporters, If you can try to find room for 1 more juniper and 1 more N, I think that would make the deck list better.

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