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1.0.84 Build Notes | January 16, 2013


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Today’s build introduces features that accelerate the rate at which players earn Trainer Tokens and booster packs, and provide players that participate in real world tournaments with a handy tool for tracking the contents of their decks.


Daily Login Bonus

This new feature gives provides a bonus for playing the Pokémon TCG Online regularly. It consists of a track designed to help new players get started in the game, and a track that provides recurring bonuses for existing players.


New Player

Day 1 – Basic Orange PvP Deck

Day 2 – 25 Trainer Tokens

Day 3 – 5 non-tradable booster packs, selected randomly from Modified-legal expansions


Existing Player

Day 1-4 – 15 Trainer Tokens

Day 5 – 1 non-tradable booster pack, selected randomly from Modified-legal expansions


Each bonus unlocks 24 hours after receiving the previous bonus and does not require the player to log in on consecutive days to maintain progress on the track. Once a player completes the introductory New Player track they are migrated to the recurring Existing Player track. There is no limit to the number of times a player can complete the Existing Player track, as they are cycled back to the beginning of the track after receiving the bonus for the fifth day!


To ensure that existing players can take full advantage of this new feature, all players will be started on the New Player track, regardless of previous activity within the game.


Daily Match Bonus

The first match that a player completes each day awards 10 Trainer Tokens, in addition to any other rewards from that match. The match must last a reasonable amount of time before this bonus is applied.


Printable Decklists

The Pokémon TCG Online is a great way to test a deck for an upcoming Play! Pokémon event. Once a deck is perfected, a decklist can be printed out, with the same layout used at all of the big tournaments, including the Pokémon TCG World Championships!


If you experience a problem with the new build, please check the Known Card Bugs and Known Game Bugs threads first. If your issue doesn’t appear in that list, please post it in the Open Beta & Support forums or go to the Pokémon Support Portal to notify us of the issue.


Thanks for your continued support!



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In addition to the new features added yesterday, I wanted to call out some bug fixes and known issues with this build.


Unobtainable Cards Removed

When Show All was selected in the card filter, a number of unobtainable cards were displayed to the player. The bulk of these cards fell into one of two categories; either no code exists which unlocks that card or that version of the card does not actually exist (for example, a parallel Holo version of Celebi-EX). The inclusion of these cards in the game prevented players from reaching 100% completion status for some expansions, even though all of the obtainable cards from those expansions were present in the player’s collection. Thanks to the efforts of a member of the community, we were able to identify all of these cards and remove from the game during yesterday’s maintenance.


Players were able to obtain a handful of these cards through various means. When we removed them from the game, we ran a script that replaced them with correct version of the card. This script took several hours to run. Alter the contents of custom decks would have added many more hours to this process, so we felt it best to omit this step. Unfortunately, this means that some players may find that they have to manually add the replaced cards back into their decks before they can be used.


NOTE: The non-holo Venomoth from the Verdant Frost theme deck was mistakenly removed from the game, making that deck ineligible for every Play Type. We are working to correct the issue.


Missing Beta Rewards

As discussed in this thread, players who had participated in the web-based version of the game were eligible to receive the first round of Beta Rewards. With the help of reports from the community, we were able to identify a common link between accounts that were eligible but never received these items. We addressed the error in the script and ran it again yesterday, excluding accounts that received the initial wave of Beta Rewards.


Printable Decklist

The initial implementation of the Print Decklist feature has plenty of opportunity for improvement. We’ve already provided the following feedback to the development team.



  • The expansion abbreviation to the right of a Pokémon’s name does not match the official expansion abbreviation.
  • Spacing on the numbers in the Coll. # column is too cramped.
  • The decklist cannot scale to accommodate more than 15 unique Pokémon or Trainer cards, or 7 unique Energy cards.
  • Functionally identical cards with different collector numbers are not combined into a single entry.
  • The Basic/Special designation in the Energy section should be a check mark, rather than a Yes/No.
  • The decklist cannot be printed while fewer than 60 cards are in the deck, preventing players from printing a partially completed decklist and manually filling in cards which are not present in the online game.


Other Bug Fixes

The Known Card Bugs and Known Game Bugs threads have been updated to reflect the bug fixes for this build. Be sure to swing by and check them out!

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