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[Suggestion] Interface Suggestions!


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I was bored on this weekend and tought it would be good to share what I think of the current interface:

- It's not intuitive

- It's laggy

- It's pretty classy looking compared to most current games' interfaces

- It's not very Pokey...


So I made a list of suggestions that would help improve the current UI and bring more people to play the game!


Bigger chat window (and better tab system)

Current chat window is really small, and if some people start spamming trades, you can get lost very quickly. Making a bigger (or only taller) chat window would help keep track of those messages u wanna read. The tab system is also weird, every time you click it moves the tab to the 2nd slot... making it pretty easy to confuse people. In addition to all of this, a player should be able to choose what channel he wants to join on login.


Making a unique screen that manages all options for each TAB

Navigating trough the UI is pretty time-demanding... For instance, in the PLAY tab, u should be able to choose all options in the same window, so u don't waste time opening, selecting, and closing each section (the info is small enough to be kept in a small dialog window).


Improve trading system

This is the one that shocked me most. You have different configurations of the trade system in each window... that confuses people. For instance, when you search for an item you have [i GET] on the left and [i GIVE] on the right... Then, when you open that trade to check for details you have [i GIVE] on the left and [i GET] on the right? Who tought of that? That's the most confusing system ever. We all get used to it after a while but it's not well designed, you should see everytime, and in every section, the same config of [i HAVE] and [i GET] content...

You also need to add a way of adding multiple cards into a trade with only 1 click, maybe making [CTRL] selection of multiple cards.



Well, over here I will only add some personal taste:

- being able to order hand by "draw order"

- being able to choose between 3D Playmat and 2D playmat

- being able to save messages after opened

- Having more screen resolutions support (1360x768 - 1440x900 - etc)


And last but not least: Shortcuts!

You definetly need to add basic keyboard shortcuts to actions such as

[ESCAPE] Close windows, close card inspection

[ARROW KEYS] Navigating trough cards, and card inspection

[CONTROL] Select multiple cards for trade

[HOME] & [END] for navigating trough chat, and text box

[ENTER] for accepting dialogs, trades and tooltips.

[CONTROL]+[TAB] For changing between game tabs, and Lobby tabs.


So that would be all of my tought on the current UI, and also made an image when I was boring during the weekend to try to imagine a new UI. Hope u guys enjoyed :)



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We also should be able to look for things people are offering that we want in public trades besides cards (IE booster packs). AND be able to search for "N".


It would also be great if they could find a way to optimize the games operating system to not take so much memory and infinitely "leak" so that the game eventually ALWAYS crashes- which also causes increasing LAG after performing any action after start up.

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Hope people at pokemon tcg development watch this.


We always watch the forums and log all feedback, even if we don't reply to the post. ;)

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Agreed. Marking up your cards for trade or want, it should be possible to do all that with the keyboard. Arrow up and down to select the next card, press T to mark it for Trade, W to mark it wanted.

Also, Double-clicking to select text in textfields.


Basic UI improvements would make the game so much more efficient.

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