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Team battle tournament


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hi i'm wailord88888 the host of this tournament the format is unlimated and you are allowed to change decks after each battle. the object is that 2 players team up and have to battle other teams. How this works is if 2 teams decided to battle one person face one person and the other faces the other then they report who won! it will be best 4 out of 7 (each player only gets and maximum of 3 games in each matchup if it is a tie 3-3 then one person from each team battles it out to see who moves on!) you may sign up by comment below once someone comments that they sign up another person may ask that person if they wanna be on teams!! And of course there will be prizes

1st 10 random cards (5 per person on team)

2nd 4 random cards (2 per person on team)

Srry if the prizes aren't that great but if anyone would like to donate a prize then please comment!!

Below are the standings and teams. the tournament begins when 8 teams have signed up good luck!!!


1. Wailord88888 & Aleob

8. Luckyluca55 &


2.0PsyQueen96 & ImMrFlubaDub






4.Andreas4 & Dalek2011



round 2


winner from game 1/8.

Winner from game 4/5.


winner from game 2/7.

winner from game 3/6.


round 3


winner from 1/8 and 4/5.

winner from 2/7 and 3/6.




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