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12 Player Tournament *FREE Entry/5 Pack 1st place prize*


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Small Tournament (8 or 14) to take place in the next 2 hours.

Tournament will be a bracket style 1 and done elimination. Only tournament legal decks are allowed, and you must use the same deck throughout the tournament.

After every match the winner needs to take a screenshot of the match and show it to me in order to advance.

If neither participant can post a screenshot then both competitors will be disqualified.

This tournament is expected to last 1-2 hours total.

Please post here to apply, first 12 players to post will be granted a spot.

There is NO entry fee, and there will be a 5 Pack 1st place prize, and 3 pack 2nd place prize.

If you wish to enter then post your Deck and that you want in. If you post here you are expected to show up and compete, failure to do so will result in blacklisting from this tournament and future tournaments. Brackets will be made by drawing names from a hat. Good luck and have fun.

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