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Da_Granny's 2nd Tournament


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With much praise for how my first tournament went (still going on) I figured I would do a second tournament to all my fellow competitors. Most of the rules are still the same, but there will be a few changes!


Rules are as followed:

1. The format will be BW-on, (The Modified Format for those who don't play irl) if anyone is using any illegal set then you will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. (Reprints are okay though, ex: Switch, poke ball, pluspower, etc.)

2. YOU CAN ONLY USE 1 DECK FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT, YOU MUST POST WHICH DECK YOU ARE USING AND ANY TECHS THAT ARE IN THAT DECK. (if lots of people think I should receive deck lists from each player then let me know when you sign up as I can try to correlate lists from every player) :)

3. There will be 4 rounds of Swiss followed by a top cut of 8, (due to the 16 player limit) each round must be reported by both players. Swiss play will just be best of 1 play and top cut matches will be best 2 out of 3. (Basically like a real life tournament) Each round will be given a max of 5 days to be played out. If the game has not been played the player who did not show up for the match will forfeit, and the other must report this. If neither reports this statement, then a coin flip will result for a winner. (sorry but it's to speed up the matches and what not)

4. THERE WILL BE NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT IN THIS TOURNAMENT, if you are found to be unsportsmanlike to your opponent then you will be disqualified immediately.

5. DISCONNECTION ISSUES: disconnections will result in a player discussion. Both players must both agree to the disconnection, I know everyone does not have a strong internet connection so sometimes this happens (happens to me as well). However if someone tries to say the internet disconnected on them after they were trying to "concede" or did "concede" the ending result will be a loss to the conceding player.



1. 8 packs of choosing

2. 6 packs of choosing

3. 4 packs of choosing

4. 2 packs of choosing


1. Andreas4 - Rayeels - (2-2)

2. Dalek2011 - Garchomp/Altaria - (2-2)

3. Wailord88888 - Big Basics with Reshiram - (2-2)

4. supernova51D - Klinklang - (3-1)

5. Aloeb - Durant/Aggron - (1-3)

6. AlexManectric - Garchomp/Altaria - (2-2)

7. xXBlackOps2Xx - Rayeels/Keldeo - (2-2)

8. OuttaYaMind - Garbodor/Darkrai/Hammers - (2-2)

9. Kevin_H - ????????? (Fighting chance) - (1-3)

10. Letour1902 - gothitelle/scolipede - (0-4)

11. kfisherman - Darkrai/Hydreigon - (3-1)

12. Da_Granny - Hammertime - (3-1)

13. pkmnkingnik - Darkrai/Hydreigon - (4-0)

14. Shad88 - Zekeels - (1-3)

15. KojoLiger - Cool (page 3 for info) - (1-3)

16. SRFloater - Garbodor/Golduck/Mewtwo - (3-1)


Results (after swiss):

1. pkmnkingnik

2. Da_Granny

3. SRFloater

4. supernova51D

5. kfisherman

6. Andreas4

7. Dalek2011

8. OuttaYaMind

9. xXBlackOps2Xx

10. AlexManectric

11. Wailord88888

12. Kevin_H

13. Aloeb

14. KojoLiger

15. Shad88

16. Letour1902


Top 8 Pairings (best 2 out of 3):

1. pkmnkingnik VS OuttaYaMind

2. Da_Granny VS Dalek2011

3. SRFloater VS Andreas4

4. supernova51D VS kfisherman


Top 4 Pairings (best 2 out of 3):

1. pkmnkingnik VS kfisherman

2. Da_Granny VS Andreas4

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sign me up suing my non evalution deck (all cards are non evalutions)


Uhhh I need to know Pokemon then. I can't just put non-evolution because that could be anything.

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Me with klinkklang/Darkrai ex

i'll can give u pokemon list for this deck by PM.


Okay, I'll have to edit it such that Klinklang can have multiple different attackers. The reason I'm wanting to know is by knowing every deck that everyone else is playing it is almost like a real life tournament where you can find out and what everyone is playing and already have the mindset going in.

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Sign me up please with Durant/Aggron.


Also are reprints allowed like HGSS switch?


It says in the rules that they are okay.

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Hey, can I play? Sign me up with Garchomp Altaria? (though I may change this before the start day)


If you decide to change it, just let me know before the start!

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i'll play my deck is called Fighting chance (for now)


sorry it has to be listed under pokemon names, just so everyone else has the same advantage that you would have.

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hey you should ask for a list of pokemon cards in there deck from each person that signed up so noone can cheat by adding like 1 card

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hey you should ask for a list of pokemon cards in there deck from each person that signed up so noone can cheat by adding like 1 card


I am planning on doing that. But first I need to know everyones Deck choice. INCLUDING YOURS :P


I've decided I do not want the deck lists. This is due to that a player can alter their one decklist as an advantage against their opponent who can also do the same back.

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sign me up. darkrai hydreigon. do u really need the tech cards? :0


No not really, the tech cards can change as long as the complete deck doesnt change

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