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Pokemon TCG League - Fully Automatic Run Signup


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Hey All,


I know i've seen a lot of Pokemon League posts out there with Gym Leaders & having to win matches to get promoted but i thought i'd make something a little more automated for all us competitive Pokemon TCG gamers.


Introducing the Pokemon TCG Team League![/b]


Sign up for free at http://www.myleague.com/teampokemonTCG


This league is a team based league where teams of up to 15 people will take on other teams in unlimited/modified 2v2 formats best 2 out of 3. I will be listing the league specific rules below. However with such a large project i need about 2-3 additional League Admins assist me with running tournaments, handling league issues and getting the word out to the Pokemon TCG community. If interested please find me on TCG online under gamertag OMGItsAPidgey.


Rules Format for League Games (Also listed under Game Specific Rules on league homepage):



1.) All games are to be played on Unlimited mode unless agreed upon by both parties

before the start of the match. Format is 2vs2 for all matches regardless the mode,

best 2 out of 3. Example: Team A Player 1 vs Team B Player 1 / Team A player 2 vs

Team B player 2. If both team A or team B with match is over, if one of each team win

they play deciding game.



2.) Losing team reports the loss indicating the individuals they lost to.

2a.) Failure to report the loss will result in 3 day suspension (box) from league and

multiple failures by same party will result in removal of team from league.



3.) EXs are allowed! - There will be tournaments for non-EX battles so don't let this

sway your decision to join!



4.) Teams Consist of a maximum of 15 members, if you would like to create a team with

more than 15 members you must create a secondary team.

Example: Team OMG has 15 players and 5 more wants to join, the 5 players would need

to join Team OMG 2 or Team OMG Alpha. Some name that indicates its not the main first

teir team.



Each team will consist of 1 captain, the captain will have the power to create the

team on the league page, add and remove players and will be point of contact with the

admin team on game play/team issues.



5.) League is set at ladder play, if you are not familiar with ladder play its based

on your record against those above you.

Example: 5 teams in league, your team is number 3 in the league and you beat team

thats number 2. You would than jump to 2nd, they would drop to 3. If you were number

3 and beat number 1, you jump to #2 and they stay at 1 due to the 50% jump rule.



6.) Have fun and no fighting!


If anyone has any additional questions please leave a comment below or find me online, i'd be glad to answer them and feel free to sign up today. First league sponsored tournament will be held sometime within the next week.


Also since it looks like the admins for the forum took down the team recruitment post, anyone that is interested in joining my team (Omega Mewtwo Gamers) please get in contact with me. I already have our team page up on the league site - heres a preview http://cgi6.igl.net/cgi-bin/ladder/teamsql/team_view.cgi?ladd=teampokemontcg&num=1

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