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Available EX's and FA Supporters from current Boundaries Packs


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This list is to help players make proper public trades when asking for certain cards. You might find yourself offering a good amount for a card in public and scratching your head wondering why it wasn't accepted! There was a bit of a problem when Boundaries Crossed first released and extra cards were added to the collection for the first day or 2. Currently there are 3 Regular and 2 Full Art versions of each Boundaries Crossed EX but only 1 Regular and 1 Full Art are obtainable if you were to open a pack today. There were also 2 versions of each Full Art Supporter released but if you were to open a pack today you can only obtain 1 version of that card. There is absolutely no difference in these cards and the other versions, the look alike and the certainly play alike! The problem is they are becoming exceedingly rare and aren't even worth the time asking for them in public trades. Using the filters listed you should be able to use this post to help get the cards you need!


Filters: Make sure you choose "Pokemon EX" under the filter button when searching for EX's and choose "Full Art" and "Supporters" when searching for full art supporters. Make sure to type the name of the card in the search bar. Also make sure the Show All box is checked!


Card Name, Card Number, Card orientation after Filters are applied (counting from left to right)




Regular 1st out of 5

FA 4th out of 5



Regular 5th out of 5

FA 2nd out of 5



Regular 4th out of 5

FA 2nd out of 5



Regular 2nd out of 5

FA 4th out of 5


Black Kyurem:

Regular 1st out of 5

FA 2nd out of 5


White Kyurem:

Regular 2nd out of 5

FA 3rd out of 5


Full Art Supporters:


Cheren: 2nd out of 2


Bianca: 1st out of 2


Skyla: 1st out of 2

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