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Andreas4 Trade thread


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So i do again a Trade thread and i hope everybody do many offers!

So i'll do wants etc.

And all offers allowed.



4x Garchomp (Match cut)

3x Altaria Ability


Keldeo exs

Landorus exs (if i do no X then it means i want everytime this card)


Themen Decks

Terrakion regular NV


Tornadus exs



1x Terrakion ex regular. (4.0)

1x Terrakion ex full art. (6.0)

1x Registeel ex regular. (3.0)

1x Giratina ex regular. (3.0)

1x Zekrom ex promo. (1.5)

1x rayquaza ex promo. (3.0)

1x Druggion Dragon Vault (1.0)

1x Zoroak promo with Snarl (2.0)

1x Haxorus Dragon vault (1.0)

1x Krokodile fighting type BW (1.5)

1x Flygon (2.0)

2x Krokodile Dark type Shiny (3.0)

2x Venausur ability (1.5)

1x Gothille ability (2.0)

2x Landorus regular. (2.0)

1x Scolipede ability (1.5)

2x Rayquaza DV (1.5)

1x Vilpleplume ability BC (2.0)

1x Wailord (1.0) (200HP)

1x Roserade ability (1.5)

1x Thunderus regular. (1.0)

1x Dusknoir ability shiny (2.5)

1x Hydreigon Dark NV (1.5)

1x Ninetales ability DRE (1.5)

1x Reuniclus ability BW (1.5)

1x Charizard ability BC (1.5)

1x Darkai promo (4.0)


3x First ticket (1.5)

4x Greatball (0.25)

4x Cheren (0.50)

2x Rescue scraf (0.75)

1x Cristall (White kyurem) (1.5)

5x Devolution spray (0.5)

14x Potion (0.10)

9x Energy Switch (1.5)

2x Cristallwall (Black kyurem) (1.5)

1x Gold potion (2.0)

2x Map (0.25)

13x Pokemon Cummunication (0.25)

4x Rocky helmet (0.50)

16x Eventuary City gym (0.50)

11x Hugh (0.50)

16x Pokeball (0.10)

18x Energy search (0.15)

6x Heavy ball (0.50)


6x Prism energy (0.75)

1x Special Metal (0.75)

2x WLFM energys (1.0)

4x Blend energys (1.0)


i got also Packs.


So i hope of good trades!

Don't trade with another in my thread!

Make sure that you know what i mean with (0.75) etc. It mean Value in my thread.



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