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Pokemon head to head tournament


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This tournament 2 people willl battle head to head winner moves on loser is eliminated you are allowed to switch decks after each battle. The champion of the tournament will get 1 pack of boundaries crossed pack! You and your opponent have 1 week to battle and post a result if you don't then the winner will be the highest winning seed! All the spots are filled so let the tournament begin!!!!


Here are the brackets for round 1


1. Wailord88888 Winner: Sup3rvilli4n

8. Sup3rvilli4n


2. Outtayamind Winner: Outtayamind

7. Luckyluca55


3. Dalek2011 Winner: Andreas4

6. Andreas4


4. SuperNova51D Winner: SuperNova51D

5. Aleob


all round 1 games must be completed before januray 17 at 11:59 pm EST


You may battle whenever you and opponet are ready but please do before january 17 11:59 pm EST. also can one person from each battle please comment the winner for an update


Round 2 bracket:


winner from 1/8: Sup3rvilli4n Winner: SuperNova51D

winner from 4/5: SuperNova51D


winner from 2/7: Outtayamind Winner:

winner from 3/6: Andreas4


this time battles must be over before january 24 at 11:59 pm EST. Could one of the battlers from each battle comment the result for an update thx!


Championship Battle:


winner from 1/8 and 4/5: SuperNova51D

winner from 2/7 and 3/6:


Please this battle will be at the latest of januray 31 11:59 pm EST thx.

could one of the 2 battlers please comment result of the championship battle!



All the spots are filled so the tournament starts now!!!

THX for joining and good luck

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I would like to join, but i feel the set times are too restrictive because everyone has a different schedule, so I would suggest doing something like Da_Granny is doing in their tourney where the battles must be completed in a week.


Edit: Sorry for posting early i didn't see the last sentence.

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oh no what i meant was that you have to sign up before january 10 at 7:50 pm EST!! also i think i will get rid of times and do that thing da granny is doing thx for the suggestion!

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all the spots are filled for the tournament so it is now started you have until january 17 11:59 pm EST to complete battle and post result on this thread!!!! if you don't post the highest winning seed moves on!!! if everyone finishes there battle before january 17 11:59 pm EST then we can start round 2 early!! good luck to the other 7 battlers!!!!!!

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