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There have been countless threads where people post Pokémon pictures (Well... now it's links to pictures, because of the vBulletin update :P), and they spread across very many categories. Screenshots, sprites, comics, memes, you name it! But what happened to all of them? They were lost! to the mists of time!


In this thread, you can post pictures to your heart's desire. It doesn't matter what kind of pictures they are, as long as they're Pokémon related, and PG rated. (Hey! That rhymes!:D) Just don't stop posting pictures! :)

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Sprites I made (with names).



V1: bgr8jn_th.jpg

V2: 2czczo0.png

V3: 2kkm09.png


Oona: rr31a1.jpg

Zane: 5oyziq.png



V1: 2hpmz36_th.png

V2: 2q1hsoj.jpg

V3: 20ksier.png


Prankachu: fb9kec_th.jpg

Ciara: 2w6gnrd.jpg



V1: 2yv9sp1.png

V2: 6

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