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TYPE Competition (Good Luck)


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Hello and welcome to my challenge type thread aimed geared toward those for a challenge.

Im YRU2KIND and Ill be your host for the TYPE Competition.

I thought of this and was wondering why no one thought of this before.

Basically all you see in the chat is people trading for Rares and other goodies. But what happened to the commons are they ever loved so in this competition im going to distribute some cards to new players (hopefully!)

Heres the rules.....

1: NO EX POKEMON. Im sorry for your loss ;)


2: UNLIMITED Playing style


3: YOU MAY ONLY USE 1 Type of pokemon which means if you choose Thunder.. NO normals/fires/grass etc...

Likewise if you choose normal you may not use Fire/Water/Thunder etc... Get the point?


4: Ill be also using one type of pokemon also you just dont know which kind ;)


5: If you win you obtain 3-5 random cards if you lose well try agian in 4 hours :)


6: Bug Abusing is against the rules as always.


7: Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification and return of entry fee.



9: If you win congrats! Your on the winners list! On New Years the all winners will have to face each other (following the same rules above) for.......


YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT ONE WHOLE BOOSTER PACK OF YOUR CHOICE! Sorry Im jobless atm :P So in the future when I do this again expect better prizes :P


To participate add "Yru2kind" in-game and message me when online looking foward to the challenge!


Winners List:






Prizes left: 40 Prize cards. (More on way)

1 booster pack of champs choise :)

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i have a good single element type deck already. ;)


i'll try out this. see you online then.


so if u win u get 3-5 cards.

and how do you get the packs?

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