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********** Line/ Devolution spray


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I am looking for 4x Aggron Line plus 3X devolution spray and If i am not mistaken that equals up to 3.5 packs.


I don't however Have any packs but I do have these cards (even though they aren't great):

1x Reshiram ND


1x Zekrom ND


1x Beartic (Sheer Cold)


1x Bouffalant (Gold breaker)


2x Energy Retrival




1x Black Belt


Let me no if that is not enough and I can see what i'll do.


Thx, Aloeb


No longer looking for Devoultion sparys just a 4x Aggron line.


Got all i need thread can be closed.

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3 Devolution spray for 1 pack and 2 energy retrieval


Thx for the offer but i edited the post saying that I got all that i needed and I didn't have any packs.


Could a mod plz close this thread.

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