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Trade issue!!!


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Heya guys,


Today i used the Public Trade. I traded a Blastoise BC to Jodar for a BC Pack

A few seconds later I traded another Blastoise BC to Mistramagius for a BC Pack.


I then recieved both messages that the trade went though.

When I went to open the packs a message showed up saying "Packs cannot be opened because the are in trade"

I the reset the TCG client, thinking that it was a glitch. When I logged back in, my Blastoisex2 were gone but I had no packs.

When I view my "Trade History" it shows the trades.


Could someone please help me...?



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Hey Midoricupcake,


On rare occasions there is a delay with the trading system and the packs may take a bit to be actually placed in your account so you may open them. If you are still not able to access the packs please submit a ticket to the support team as they will be able to do a thorough investigation of your account. You can find a link for the support team in my signature.


Hope this all gets resolved for you quickly.

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